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Reject Money Politics, Realize Quality Elections


By: Tyas Permata Wiyana )*

Soon the 2024 General Election campaign period will begin. One of the things that was rife during the campaign was money politics. People are encouraged to refuse because they can be punished. Money politics is strictly prohibited because it will damage the quality of the election.

The 2024 election must run successfully so that a good quality president, vice president and legislators will be elected. One of the keys to the success of elections is preventing money politics. Don’t let people be tempted by bribes and they betray their own integrity. 

Acting (Pj) Mayor of Pekanbaru Muflihun continues to remind residents to reject  money  politics. Don’t think democracy nowadays has to be money. Throw away the so-called general politics.

Muflihun continued, by rejecting money politics, residents can provide opportunities for the younger generation and those who truly have high integrity, totality, loyalty and dedication in fighting for the interests of the citizens. When people reject money politics, legislators will be elected as representatives of the people who are pro-people.

Money politics is an attempt to influence the choice of voters or election organizers in return for material or otherwise. From this understanding, money politics is a form of bribery.

Money politics must be abolished because it will damage the election. When there is a campaign team of candidates who are determined to bribe the people and carry out the dawn attack (handing out money in the morning before voting), then there are those who are persuaded, they will elect incompetent DPR members. He did everything he could, including bribes, and when he was elected he would not convey the people’s message. But enrich himself.

Campaign teams for candidates or party cadres who are determined to engage in money politics must remember that their actions violate the law. If caught, he could be convicted and held responsible for his mistakes in prison.

In the Election Law (UU Number 7 of 2017) it is stated that if it is proven that the executors and the election campaign team promised or provided money or other materials in return, then they can be subject to sanctions. Among them, can be sentenced to a maximum of two years and a fine of up to IDR 24 million. 

The sanctions will be different if money politics is carried out during a quiet period, and can be jailed for a maximum of four years and a fine of up to IDR 48 million. Meanwhile, if money politics is carried out on voting day, you can be fined for a maximum of three years and a fine of IDR 36 million. 

The public is urged to reject money politics because it will frustrate the principle of an honest and fair election. If they accept bribes, they are dishonest and tantamount to lying to their own conscience. Don’t be desperate to accept a bribe, no matter how big the envelope is, because according to the Election Law, he can be punished with a fine of 36 million rupiah and a prison sentence of 3 years.

Meanwhile, Demak Regency Bawaslu member Ulin Nuha, SH, MH stated that money politics has become a scourge and a virus of democracy, even an extraordinary crime that will disrupt Indonesia’s democratic process. The public is forced to vote in the interest of the candidate by giving or promising money or other materials.

Money politics events can happen anywhere and anytime. The village community is the group that is most vulnerable and easily influenced by the practice of money politics. It must be admitted that currently the participation of the public in reporting the practice of money politics is still relatively minimal. 

Based on data owned by the Demak Regency Bawaslu, during the 2019 elections, there was not a single report regarding money politics reported by the public. This is one of the obstacles faced by Bawaslu in taking action against perpetrators of money politics.

Therefore, the public is encouraged to report to Bawaslu if there is a practice of money politics in their area. Don’t hesitate to report because this case will immediately go to the authorities, and they as witnesses will be protected. By submitting a report, the public will uphold the principles of honesty and fairness during the 2024 elections.

Bawaslu and the community must ensure that there is not the slightest tolerance for the practice of money politics because it has a bad impact, such as the leader who is elected later may not be a qualified person, and does not have the ability to develop the region. 

If those who are elected are those who spend a lot of money on their political activities, then it is possible that they will potentially seize or corrupt the state money they manage in exchange for the capital that has been issued.

One of the efforts made by the Demak Regency Bawaslu is to declare a village anti-money politics, which has been implemented since 2019. Bawaslu does not just give an appeal to the community, but also directly participates in forming an anti-money politics movement at the village level. This declaration and program should also be carried out in other regions throughout Indonesia to prevent money politics.

Money politics is dangerous because it erases the principle of an honest and fair election. When people are determined to accept bribes, the impact will be up to the next 5 years, because the elected representatives of the people are incompetent figures. Therefore, they are constantly being urged to reject money politics, moreover, the recipients can also be punished.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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