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Religious Leaders Invite the Community to Succeed in the Peaceful and LUBER Elections for the Sustainability of National Development


Jakarta – The election is just around the corner. Soon the Indonesian nation will hold a democratic party to elect quality leaders who are believed to be able to take Indonesia forward.

Rev. Albert Yoku, Chair of the Jayapura Religious Harmony Forum, said that in connection with the political contestation in the 2024 Election, it is hoped that it will provide good benefits for all Indonesian people. The public is also asked to jointly offer prayers for the success of the 2024 elections.

“The ongoing 2024 election stages are quite good and have integrity, because they can also provide understanding to the public to choose candidates based on vision, ideas, talent and good sense. “This is important so that the leaders who are elected are truly based on the results of their thoughts, not just following other people’s wishes,” said Rev. Albert in an interview on MNC Trijaya Radio’s Evening Hot Topic, Wednesday (17/1).

Rev. Albert also emphasized that holding peaceful elections based on the principles of Direct, General, Free, Secret, Honest and Fair [Luber Jurdil] is very important because it concerns the authority of the Indonesian nation.

“We as a nation must be able to show the world that Indonesia is a country with integrity, through holding a democratic party that is safe, peaceful and Luber Jurdil,” he said.

However, continued this religious figure in Jayapura, there is another threat that must be anticipated together, namely the potential for the spread of hoaxes and fake news spread on social media in the 2024 elections is still very large.

“The easiest and most frequently used is the narrative of SARA and identity politics. “This needs to be prevented together so as not to disrupt the course of political contestation in 2024,” stressed Rev. Albert.

Apart from that, Rev. Albert also highlighted that the safe and peaceful 2024 elections also have an impact on sustainable development, where whoever wins in this contest must be able to continue development as a whole, so that the Indonesian nation’s journey to become a developed country can continue well together with the nation’s children. who continue to serve.

Rev. Albert also invited all elements of Indonesian society to respect the series and stages of the elections which had gone well.

“Let’s create elections that are safe, peaceful and overflowing with Jurdil. Create a positive climate that illustrates that the Indonesian nation is a mature nation in democracy. Don’t abstain. “All people must exercise their right to vote so that the Indonesian nation can progress,” concluded Rev. Albert.

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