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Society Must Strengthen Nationalism to Prevent Radicalism Ahead of the 2024 Election


By : Lukman Keenan Adar )*

Ahead of the 2024 elections, society is obliged to strengthen nationalism to prevent the spread of radicalism. The reason is because radicalism is increasingly spreading, especially as the campaign period begins soon. Society, especially the younger generation, can enthusiastically eradicate radicalism and terrorism because they have high creativity and motivation.

Radicalism is the government’s big homework that still needs to be worked on so as not to damage Indonesia’s future. To eradicate radicalism, cooperation from various elements of society is needed. Moreover, ahead of the 2024 election, radicalism and terrorism are increasingly spreading, especially on social media.

Students are advised to be wary of radicalism because they often access social media. They, as first-time voters in the election, are obliged to know that radical groups are prohibited and want the election to be cancelled/destroyed. Therefore, they are obliged to strengthen their sense of nationalism in order to ward off radicalism.

To prevent the spread of radicalism among students, the East Java Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT) is holding educational activities to welcome the Golden Indonesian Generation in 2045. This activity also prevents the dangers of intolerance and drugs among students.

The activity, which was held in collaboration with the East Java Province Bakesbangpol, was entitled “Building Synergy to Protect the Nation’s Children from the Dangers of Intolerance, Radicalism and Drugs” which was held at the Madiun Bakorwil Office.

Chair of the East Java FKPT Hesti Armiwulan stated that the future rests on the shoulders of young people, especially those who are currently studying at school. Students become national cadres who will take full responsibility for our nation in the future.

Hesti continued, the spirit of nationalism must be embedded in every individual of the nation’s children. On the other hand, excessive nationalism or chauvinism must be avoided, which despise other nations or other groups, thereby leading to radicalism.

It would be very sad if students were swept up in the current of radicalism because Indonesia’s future rests on their shoulders. Don’t let millennials turn into young terrorist cadres whose only thoughts are jihad and the caliphate.

Therefore, students are expected to participate in socialization in an orderly manner. They are also obliged to strengthen nationalism to ward off radicalism. With a high sense of patriotism, they can avoid the dangers of terrorism and radicalism.

Students are first-time voters in the 2024 elections. Therefore, they are obliged to ward off radicalism because they want the elections to run without any interference from radical groups.

The way to increase nationalism is to realize that Indonesia is a large nation consisting of many different tribes and backgrounds. Indonesia was formed from various differences. Meanwhile, radicalism cannot accept differences. Therefore, a student who has a high sense of nationalism does not want to be exposed to radicalism because he is aware that this understanding is wrong.

Meanwhile, Ustad H. Jamzuri stated that students must stay away from radicalism. Young people are influenced by radicalism because radicalism not only damages the life of the nation and state but also destroys the lives of students. Moreover, radicalism has entered social media targeting young people.

In a sense, he already understands the mode of radical groups entering social media because many young people like to use social media applications. If left alone, it will be dangerous because more and more students will be targeted by radical and terrorist groups.

To prevent students from falling into radicalism, there are several ways that can be taken. All parties from schools to families must work together so that students are safe without being tempted by radical groups. Everyone is obliged to collaborate because if ignored, it will damage the students’ future.

First, families must monitor their children’s activities on social media. They are not banned, just seen and educated that not all content on social media applications is good. Students are told what the characteristics of radical content are. For example, photos that hate elections, insult the government, and so on.

With education from the family, students understand the dangers of radicalism and also how to prevent it. They know how to avoid radical content and will not be influenced, because they know the dangers.

Then, the school also provides education to raise a sense of nationalism among its students. Students are invited to visit the museum and understand the struggles of the fighters in the pre-independence era. Meanwhile, radical groups do not contribute to Indonesia’s independence, so they must be prevented, because they want to build a country above a country.

Students are obliged to eradicate radicalism by strengthening their sense of nationalism. They understand the dangers of radicalism and terrorism which could potentially derail the 2024 elections. Therefore, all parties are working together so that students are not influenced by radicalism by providing socialization and understanding that these teachings are dangerous.

)* The author is a contributor to the Persada Institute

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