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Synergy Against Incitement of Abstentions Ahead of Elections


By : Elisabeth Titania Dionne )*

Communities in all corners of the archipelago should be able to come together and remind each other and reject the existence of the white group movement (Golput), namely the movement not to vote at all in the 2024 General Election democratic party. The reason is, this movement is not an option at all and can’t change anything.

The Senori District Election Committee (PPK) through the Medalem Village Voting Committee (PPS) continues to try to socialize and also invite discussion of the whole community, especially regarding the stages of organizing the General Elections (Election) democratic party in the upcoming 2024 with democracy volunteers. The purpose of this is to make people understand and be much more aware of the importance of political participation through voting movements.

In the discussion, a member of the Sosdiklih Parmas PPS Medalem Division, Ahmad Hadlir invited all people in Indonesia to be able to jointly fight against the white group movement (Golput) in the upcoming 2024 elections. How not, because the movement is actually not an option.

Abstentions itself is not an option because the white group will not be included in the final count of the general election. So, for example, there is a case where in an area it turns out that the number of Abstentions is higher than the votes obtained, but in fact the final result of the holding of the election is that there is still a winner because it is calculated based on the number of people who vote, while the people who vote are actually white. absolutely does not have any contribution and does not change anything.

Therefore, for all people in the country, especially for the young generation who will continue the nation, they should be able to actively participate and participate in holding democratic parties in Indonesia. Not only that, it is hoped that they should be able to participate in providing political education and socialization of elections to voters and other communities at large.

With lots of discussions and outreach about the election and how important it is to keep on voting, it is hoped that it will be able to bring about a transformation to the voters that will determine the direction of the fate of this nation in the future in the hands of the next leader.

For this reason, it is also very important to hold various discussion and socialization activities for the whole community to continue to remind that the act of not voting or doing Abstentions is not actually a choice and does not change anything at all in the 2024 Election.

Usually, people who prefer to act as white groups argue that they really really want to realize and see a change in a direction that is much better for the nation, but of course their aspirations will never be realized and will only end up being wishful thinking because it is precisely absolutely not matched by a real action, namely attending and voting in the 2024 election.

Therefore, for the PPK and PPS themselves, they must also continue to promote a lot of outreach to all active voters so they can continue to use the voting rights they have. Because it is also undeniable that the role of PPK and PPS cannot be underestimated, because they are the spearheads who directly come into contact with the voters.

It should be noted that all this time the act of not voting or becoming a white group continues to be a scourge or a simalakama fruit which is indeed very obligatory to be rejected jointly by the community, especially for citizens who are members of democracy volunteers and should also can be rejected by the election organizers themselves.

When there are many efforts and outreach or discussions involving voters, it is hoped that this will be able to further open the horizons of people who have voting rights, so that later they will be able to produce intelligent voters.

In Indonesia itself, the presence of smart voters is also very important because these smart voters mean they use their voting rights with full awareness and full consideration to actually choose a candidate leader who is considered highly capable to be able to lead the nation in the future so that also will bring about a lot of change for the better.

The socialization that continues to be intensified, including education for voters who have voting rights, will of course be able to increase public participation in celebrating the vibrant democratic party of the 2024 election.

The white group (abstentions) is actually not an option at all. The reason is, when people do Abstentions, that action doesn’t change anything at all and the final result or winner of the election contestation will also be there by counting how many people vote. If you really want a change in this nation, then the whole community should be able to fight and reject the entire Golput movement for the sake of a better Indonesia.

)* The author is a Gelora Media Institute Contributor

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