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The Important Role of Students in Creating a Peaceful 2024 Election


By : Aditya Anggara )*

Apart from being active agents of change in society, students have a very important role in creating safe and peaceful General Elections. They have the enthusiasm to fight for the values ​​of democracy, justice and transparency and can create conduciveness among society ahead of the 2024 elections. By utilizing knowledge, students can become pioneers of positive change in the election process. In addition, students, as a group that tends to engage in critical thinking, have the ability to disseminate information about the election process to the public. They can provide objective political education and encourage a better understanding of the importance of participation in elections.

Students can be the pioneers of positive campaigns. They can focus on important issues, educate voters, and encourage participation based on deep discussion and understanding. Then in terms of disseminating information, students can help in disseminating ethical and accurate information. Additionally, with their expertise in technology and social media, they can be a reliable source of information and help fight the spread of fake news or hoaxes.

Students can also encourage election participation through campaign activities, discussions and education. So with more participation, the stronger the foundation of democracy, and this can encourage the creation of more democratic and representative elections.

Active student participation in elections can also help create desired changes, such as environmental, social welfare or economic policies. Apart from that, participating in elections is a social responsibility that must be carried out by every citizen. This is part of the obligation to keep democracy alive and functioning.

Meanwhile, the Acting Governor of Central Java, Komjen Pol (P) Nana Sudjana, said that his party invited students and the younger generation to play an active role in overseeing the 2024 elections peacefully. This is because students and the younger generation are considered to have an important role in creating a peaceful, conducive and tolerant election event. Apart from that, his party invites the campus and students to participate in carrying out their role as social control and facilitators, as well as providing advocacy as well as educators for the community.

Nana also asked students to monitor and provide input regarding the situation and developments during the election stages. Apart from that, according to Nana, one form of student involvement that can be done is to help clear up issues or hoax news that have the potential to emerge during the election, as well as being wise in using social media and always checking the truth of existing information.

Fake news or hoaxes leading up to the elections are something that must be watched out for at every level of society, including students and other young people. The circulation of hoaxes or incorrect information has a big impact and can damage national unity and unity. Therefore, students and other young people must use logic when receiving information and carry out fact checks if they receive information that they suspect is true.

Students and the younger generation are also known as a generation that is technologically aware, pluralistic, easy to interact with all levels, not narrow-minded, and brave in what they do and speak. With this capital, students are very suitable to become clean, healthy, honest and fair election agents. So that efforts to realize clean and peaceful elections are in the right hands. As students, you must also have the courage to speak out if the elections are not held properly. Because students are brave figures and are relatively sterile from actions that could disrupt the course of the democratic party.

National Presidium of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of Indonesian Muhammadiyah Universities (PTMI) Zone V Jatim-Bali, Mochamad Rafiansyach Hartono, said that his party would continue to support and assist the security forces in maintaining security and making the 2024 elections successful in a safe and peaceful manner. His party is also committed to safeguarding peaceful elections, carrying out healthy elections, not tearing each other down and spitting out negative things regarding differences in views during the elections.

Synergy between students and security forces is very important in ensuring that the elections can run safely and peacefully. This is a positive sign that student participation in creating peaceful elections will bring a conducive and sustainable situation in various security aspects of the democratic party.

With this role, it means that students have participated in building the nation and state. Apart from that, not only students, the entire community must also continue to respect each other’s differences in choices and continue to maintain each other’s security and comfort situation ahead of the 2024 elections. This is a form of maturity in politics, which is shown by an attitude of not questioning differences in choices.

By understanding their crucial role in creating peaceful elections, students can contribute positively to building a more democratic and responsible society. And with active involvement in these efforts, students can make a significant contribution in creating safe elections, peaceful and democratic.

)* The author is an observer of domestic politics

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