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The media has an important role in making the 2024 election a success


By: Gita Oktaviani )*

In every stage of the election, the role of the mass media is a central element that determines the success of the democratic process. The media is not only a channel for conveying information, but also a driving force capable of forming public opinion, providing education, and maintaining the integrity of the democratic party.

Election success cannot be separated from the crucial role of mass media which has the ability to guide, empower and encourage active community participation.

Member of the Palangka Raya DPRD, Noorkhalis Ridha, emphasized the important role of the media in safeguarding the success of the elections. Developing democracy cannot be separated from the role of the media. Ridha stated that the media is not only a transmitter of information, but also a driver of the democratic process. So far, the implementation of democracy has been measured through democratic elections, ensuring that the people choose leaders according to their conscience. Therefore, the mass media has a big role in making the general election a success.

The importance of the role of mass media is increasingly felt in the 2024 elections. Ridha emphasized that the presence of the media must be massive to encourage quality and democratic elections. The challenge faced in the 2024 Election is the increasingly wide digital space, especially on social media (Medsos). Social media is an area that is prone to generating potential conflict, and the role of mass media is crucial in preventing this potential.

In facing the challenges of the digital space, mass media needs to play an educational and informative role. The Head of Public Relations of the Jambi Regional Police, Police Commissioner Mulia Prianto, invited young people to maintain a peaceful social media ecosystem during the 2024 Election. The existence of social media has a big influence on people’s views, and the difficulty of controlling issues that develop on social media limits the role of young people, especially students, is increasingly important.

Prianto highlighted the fact that social media cannot be completely controlled, and therefore, students need to be wiser in receiving information. Youth are asked not to be easily provoked by inflammatory content and to be more careful in drawing conclusions from information. Youth, as agents of change, have a big role in creating a peaceful atmosphere on social media.

Apart from that, Prianto also hopes that students will be wise in disseminating information. Don’t let students spread unverified news, which can cause commotion and tension in society. Prianto reminded young people to be pioneers in spreading positive news, encouraging goodness, and building unity.

In the context of the elections, the Jambi Regional Police held discussions with students regarding the issue of maintaining unity amidst differences to realize the 2024 elections that are safe, peaceful and dignified. It is hoped that this dialogue will provide new insights so that students can be actively involved in supporting the creation of a conducive democratic party.

North Sumatra Bawaslu, on the other hand, focuses on increasing the role of the community and media in monitoring elections. Saut Boangmanalu, Data, Information and Public Relations Coordinator for the North Sumatra Bawaslu, emphasized that the role of the media and the public is really needed in monitoring the 2024 general election. The North Sumatra Bawaslu has carried out various activities during the campaign period to optimize supervision of the democratic party.

North Sumatra Bawaslu does not only rely on its own work. They are collaborating with all elements of society, including the mass media, so that supervision of the 2024 elections will be more optimal. Through outreach, training and collaboration with mass media, North Sumatra Bawaslu seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of supervision in the implementation of elections.

According to Boangmanalu, mass media has a crucial role in disseminating information about the importance of supervision in elections. The public needs to be given a good understanding so that they are aware of their obligations in monitoring the running of the democratic process. In his view, collaboration between Bawaslu, mass media and the public is very important to ensure that the 2024 elections run transparently and with integrity.

The role of mass media in the 2024 Election is not only as a distributor of information, but also as a shaper of public opinion. By presenting balanced, neutral and accurate information, mass media can help build correct understanding among the public. The right information will give people strength and confidence to take part in the democratic party.

In responding to the 2024 Election, all parties, including the mass media, must be aware of their responsibilities. Threats and challenges in the digital era must be faced wisely and responsibly. Mass media, as one of the pillars of democracy, needs to continue to develop information quality standards, encourage active public participation, and maintain the integrity of elections.

It is important for all parties, including the mass media, to contribute to creating a conducive environment ahead of the elections. By avoiding polarization and presenting balanced information, the mass media can be a positive force in celebrating the democratic party.

Through collaboration between supervisory institutions, mass media and the public, the 2024 elections can be faced with confidence in success, towards a better future. Let us work together to maintain the dignity of elections, build unity, and create a democratic and just Indonesia. This is a joint task for a better future.

)* The author is a Contributor to the Reading Window Institute

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