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Welcoming the 2024 Election, Upholding National Values ​​and Preventing Radicalism That Obstacles Progress


By : Clara Diah Wulandari )*

Welcoming the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming 2024 General Election, it is important for all parties to continue to uphold various national values ​​and prevent the spread of radicalism because it will greatly hinder the progress of the country.

The situation and conditions of the hustle and bustle in national politics ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and also political contestation, namely the election event in 2024, are getting hotter day by day. Therefore, to be able to continue the development that has been taking place and has been attempted by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), a leader who has strong integrity is really needed.

The General Chairperson of Cahaya Awakening Nusantara (CKN), Dwi Urip Premono stated that all people in Indonesia clearly believe and really hope that there will be a future Presidential Candidate (Capres) who has the ability to be able to transform all national and cultural values ​​in Indonesia and to be able to accelerate development in the country.

Furthermore, the alumnus from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of the University of Indonesia (UI) also added that there must be a leader who believes that the great vision of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) can be realized if all components of the nation can consistently work together.

The existence of cooperation from all parties and all elements of the nation is indeed a very important thing to continue to do and strive for in order to continue to develop this nation and state by developing all the potential of the various resources that the country has in the spirit of harmony, tolerance and as well as strong mutual cooperation in society.

It is clear that all components of the nation must also continue to unite in overcoming all threats that might arise, all of them must also be able to find solutions to every existing challenge, including being able to break down every obstacle that occurs and being able to overcome any disturbances.

Indonesia itself has the basic state philosophy of Pancasila which contains 5 (five) precepts, all of which should be able to serve as guidelines for all elements of society in national and state life. Apart from that, other guidelines also exist in the 1945 Constitution (UUD) of the Republic of Indonesia, including the motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which was initiated by the founding fathers of the previous nation.

The founding fathers of the nation realized that it cannot be denied that the people in Indonesia have great diversity, so there must be a very strong commitment from all of them to be able to unite amidst these differences.

When all the nation’s values ​​have been successfully realized maximally and optimally, it is not impossible that this nation will be able to become a nation capable of achieving a just, prosperous, prosperous and independent social life as a developed country.

Several threats that all elements of the nation must always be aware of are the existence of radicalism and terrorism, then the existence of intolerant attitudes and behavior in relations between religious communities in the country. Apart from that, the use of Ethnicity, Religion, Race and Inter-Group (SARA) issues for certain practical political purposes.

Not only that, but there are other threats in the form of the spread of fake news or hoaxes which are often found through social media as well as hate speech which continues to run rampant. The expansion of foreign culture that is completely inconsistent with the nation’s cultural norms and values ​​is also worth anticipating together.

Another disturbance is the existence of separatist activities in certain areas in the country and the high level of crime in several areas for which a solution must be immediately found. Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Light Awakening Organization (CKN), HM Idham Samawi reminded the very important role of the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN) in continuing to develop Indonesia’s direction in the future.

However, since the 4th amendment to the 1945 Constitution, there is no longer a GBHN, so all development programs are based on the vision and mission of the President and Vice President. Because Indonesia has a position as a very sexy country, all the resources in the country must be able to be managed for the sake of the nation’s prosperity.

The most effective and optimal way to achieve all of these things is to continue to strengthen solidarity between citizens in all elements of the nation by continuing to uphold the various values ​​of the nation itself so that it will be able to counter the very clear ideology of radicalism, terrorism, separatism and intolerance. hindering the nation’s progress.

)* The author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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