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With a strong determination to win, the Indonesian Esports Team enters the world’s top ranks


By : Made Prawira )*

Thanks to the very, very strong determination and commitment shared by all Indonesian Esports National Team (Timnas), this nation has finally made it into the top ranks in the world of electronic sports. So as to be able to continue to carry the name of the Indonesian nation in the eyes of the world. 

Great news came from an Indonesian eSports athlete who was able to emerge as the overall champion at the IESF 14th World Esports Championships Bali 2022. This result has made Indonesia one of the top eSports teams in the world. Of course, with this news, suddenly all parties expressed their pride in the work of the Indonesian National Team to continue to make the nation proud. 

For information, Indonesia came out as the best of the 105 countries that took part in the IESF 14th WEC 2022. This tournament takes place from 2 December 2022 to 11 December. Of course, this achievement is a very extraordinary thing because Indonesia has not only succeeded in being the organizer and host, but has also succeeded in becoming a world champion, as was the target given by the General Chairperson of PBESI, Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan. 


Another thing to be proud of and concrete evidence that in fact the Indonesian esports athletes have world-class quality and are not inferior to esports athletes from other countries is that the event was known to have been attended by more than 700 electronic sports athletes from all over the world. However, this nation still occupies the position of champion in general. 

Budi Gunawan said that he represented PB ESI and admitted that he was very proud and even touched that he could not speak anymore when he learned about the achievements that had been achieved by the Indonesian esports national team at the world championship event. 


He said this achievement was on target. He also explained that PB ESI has been serious about preparing athletes to compete in international tournaments. So indeed all the achievements that have been achieved by these Indonesian esports athletes cannot be separated from the role of PBESI. 

The achievements made at the Indonesia Esports Summit: Bali 14th World Esports Championships 2022 show that all Indonesian esports athletes are capable of utilizing all the ecosystems that have been well developed by PB ESI with full sincerity, professionalism and creativity. 

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