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Appreciate the Government’s Commitment to Eradicate Terrorist Networks


Densus (Special Detachment) 88 arrested a suspected terrorist in the Bekasi area. The community appreciates this action, in the context of eradicating terrorism in Indonesia. Radicalism and terrorism are very dangerous because they can destroy the nation, therefore the public supports the arrest of terrorists.

The government continues to eradicate terrorism in Indonesia. Especially ahead of the 2024 simultaneous regional and regional elections. Terrorism must be eradicated so that no terrorist groups carry out bombings and attacks, as well as spreading hoaxes and propaganda in cyberspace.

Recently, Densus 88 arrested a KAI employee with the initial DE, in the Bekasi area. Spokesperson for Densus 88 Anti-terror Police, Kombes Aswin Siregar, stated that DE was arrested because he actively spread propaganda calling for jihad through social media. He spread the call privately using a timer.

Currently, Densus 88 is still investigating DE, including investigating the recipients of the messages. During the arrest, dozens of manufactured and assembled firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were confiscated from DE’s house.

Aswin Siregar continued, DE’s enthusiasm to carry out amaliyah was even higher after having pledged allegiance to the emir of ISIS in 2014. DE is said to have uploaded a poster of allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Al Husain Al Husaini Al Quraysi. The poster is written in Indonesian and Arabic.

DE was also allegedly involved in fundraising. He is suspected of being the admin and maker of several Telegram channels, Documentary Film Archives and Breaking News, which is a global terror update channel translated into Indonesian.

When there is an arrest of a terrorist member, it is appreciated by the community. They supported the arrest because they wanted Indonesia to be safe. Don’t let the condition of the country be disrupted because of terrorist attacks, whether in the form of bombings or spreading propaganda on social media.

The public criticized DE because he was an employee of KAI, which incidentally was a BUMN employee. DE should obey the rules and be loyal to the country. However, being a member of a terrorist group and being associated with the ISIS network is tantamount to being a traitor to the country. Therefore, the community supports the investigation into this terrorism case, so that DE can be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, KAI’s EVP of Corporate Secretary Raden Agus Dwinanto Budiadji said that his party was ready to work with the National Police to thoroughly investigate this case. Agus said KAI’s management would take strict action against its employees if they were proven to be involved in terrorism cases.

KAI is committed to participating in eradicating terrorism crimes within the company by continuing to remind all levels of integrity and nationalism, as well as increasing supervision by related functions.

In a sense, KAI will take action and give strict sanctions if any of its employees are members or sympathizers of a terrorist group. Don’t let other unscrupulous employees take part in ISIS or become members of terrorist groups in Indonesia. With strict sanctions, it is hoped that it will have a deterrent effect.

The community fully supports the arrest of the terrorists and hopes that more terrorist members will be caught. Not only the kroco but also the leaders, who have an important role. Especially for terrorist members who collect funds from the public to support terrorist activities.

Arresting terrorists is an effort to eradicate terrorism so that their numbers are reduced, as well as to uncover their networks. This is because the terrorist network in this country has entered international links, making it dangerous, because they can obtain supplies of illegal firearms and materials for bombing attacks. If there are fewer terrorists then Indonesia will be safer.

Society to be aware of acts of terrorism committed by DE in cyberspace. Currently, terrorist groups have taken advantage of technological sophistication for recruitment and cadre. From Telegram channels and Facebook groups, it is deliberately designed so that young people want to join for the reason of migrating. Even though the mode behind it is the recruitment of terrorist members who have networks with ISIS.

Why did terrorism enter social media? In the world of psychology, it explains the effect of why the influence of a doctrine can easily enter via social media. When humans open FB or Telegram, their brain is relaxed, so they are relatively easy to influence.

Therefore, people are advised to be careful when associating on social media. Don’t get in the wrong association and end up being fooled by the seductions of terrorist groups and being brainwashed. Make sure they have internet literacy and are not easily consumed by hoax news and propaganda, which are deliberately created by terrorist groups.

The arrest of terrorist members in Bekasi was very surprising. However, the community understands because Detachment 88 has been targeting him for a long time. The community fully supports the arrest of terrorist members so that there will be an eradication of terrorism and radicalism in Indonesia. Ahead of the 2024 Election, conduciveness must be maintained, one of the ways is by arresting terrorist members in this country.

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