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BLT is Effective in Helping the Community


By: Aprilian Hutapea )*

BLT (Direct Cash Assistance) BBM is very effective in helping the community when the price of fuel is adjusted. The provision of BLT which is directly distributed to the poor is very precisely needed to maintain purchasing power compared to the provision of fuel subsidies. As compensation for the fuel price adjustment, the government provides BLT in the amount of Rp. 600,000 This money assistance will be enjoyed by more than 20 million small people, and they can get it via the Post Office. The provision of BLT is appreciated by the community because the government pays attention to their fate. BLT is considered very effective in helping the community, especially when the price of fuel is adjusted and affects the prices of other goods. Economic Analyst Reyhan Noor stated that BLT can reduce the pressure that exists in society. In particular, the underprivileged groups are vulnerable to fluctuations in fuel price adjustments. Reyhan continued, giving BLT was more effective because the target recipient was clearer. In a sense, the aid money is directly received by the community and they can use it to buy their daily needs. What BLT targets are small people, so it is very appropriate, and there is no potential for errors in subsidy provision. So far, the government has provided subsidies so that the price of fuel is less than its economic value. However, since the beginning of September 2022, the subsidy has been reduced because it will burden the APBN by Rp. 500 Trillion . However, the government did not remain silent, instead diverting subsidies to the poor in the form of BLT. By providing subsidies directly, it will be more accurate, and there will be no mistakes, when the rich actually enjoy the subsidies. In fact, in the field there are still many car owners who are clearly capable, but instead queue up for Pertalite type fuel. In fact, he should have bought Pertamax or other gasoline, which did not receive subsidies from the government. Meanwhile, the Chairman of Commission VII DPR RI Sugeng Supartowo stated that the fuel subsidy so far has not been right on target. Even 70% of the people who can afford it even enjoy the fuel subsidy. Therefore, he fully supports the transfer of subsidies, from reducing the price of gasoline to giving BLT to the poor. The provision of BLT must go directly to the poor because they are the most affected by changes in fuel prices. However, the effect of the gasoline price adjustment is not too pronounced, because there are BLT funds as a cushion. The BLT can be bought for basic needs and various other primary needs, and it must be spent to maintain people’s purchasing power. When there is a BLT BBM, it shows that President Jokowi’s government is still pro-people. The price of diesel fuel and Pertalite must be adjusted, because it follows the skyrocketing world crude oil price. However, the government is also looking for an effective way, so that people’s lives will remain fine even though there is an adjustment in fuel prices. Mistakes that occur when rich people queue for Pertalite at gas stations can be avoided, because currently the prices of Pertalite and Pertamax are not that far away. Residents who fall into the category of affordability will be aware and buy Pertamax, not Pertalite. The reason is because the RON value is higher and is indeed more suitable for use as car fuel. In this way, the subsidy will be more effective, because it is enjoyed by the small people, not by the rich. Subsidies must be right on target because their aim is to help the poor. Instead of being abused by stingy rich people, because it usurps the rights of the small people to buy Pertalite. Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI, Ace Hasan Syadzili, stated his request for BLT BBM to be right on target. With the provision of BLT, it will be able to overcome the impact of changes in the price of goods, which occurred because of the fuel price adjustment. To make BLT BBM on target, the Ministry of Social Affairs needs to coordinate with other ministries. If there is coordination, it is certain that the BLT BBM will be very accurate. The reason is because BLT recipients are people who really need it. Later, when there is a queue for BLT BBM at the Post Office, the participants are affected community groups. Instead of residents who wear gold jewelry and use cars as their daily vehicle. The government guarantees that BLT BBM is right on target, so that the lives of small people are saved, when the price of gasoline is adjusted. If the BLT BBM is given through the Post Office, the community will appreciate it, because the method is very precise, and not everyone has a bank account. Let alone saving, just to eat everyday must be frugal. Therefore, they praised the government for diverting the fuel subsidy to BLT. BLT BBM is very effective in helping the community, especially the underprivileged. Their kitchen will be saved because it still contains basic necessities and other necessities, which were purchased with BLT money. If subsidies are given directly to the poor, it will be more targeted.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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