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PORBIN and YBTS Organize National Tennis Invitation


Jakarta, State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Tennis Clubs in collaboration with Yayuk Basuki Tennis School (YBTS) held a National Tennis Invitation which was attended by a number of national athletes. The match starts from 14 December and ends on 17 December 2022 taking place at the BIN Tennis Court, South Jakarta.

Two female tennis players assisted by BIN Fitriana Sabrina and Fitriani Sabatini also participated in the event . Meanwhile, 14 other athletes who took part in this tournament came from several regions such as Banten, West Java, East Java, Central Java, East Kalimantan and West Nusa Tenggara.

BIN Tennis Coach who is also Head of PP Pelti 2022-2027 Development Division, Suharyadi said Fitriana Sabrina and Fitriani Sabatini entered the final. We also thank the Head of BIN, General Pol ( Purn ) Budi Gunawan, who has provided match facilities. In addition, thanks to Kemenpora and YBTS for providing maximum support.

“Thank God, the two BIN players currently deployed Fitriana and Fitriani will enter the all- finals tomorrow because they managed to beat both junior and senior players. It is hoped that tomorrow’s match on Saturday will be spectacular,” said Suharyadi on the sidelines of the match.

Meanwhile, Fitriana Sabrina, who represented BIN, also received an impression from the course of this match. Fitriana (Ana) said that the opponent she faced in the third match was quite tough.

“I managed to win with a score of 6-3 and 6-0 even though the opponent was quite tough. The preparation is that if my partner wins, I will enjoy it more in the next match. If you play with your own partner, you will be more relaxed because you already know the game,” said Fitriana.

Ana also thanked the Head of BIN, General Pol ( Purn ) Budi Gunawan for facilitating this match and supporting tennis athletes at POR BIN. Tomorrow’s match will be more focused because it ‘s the last game this month.

“There are some small mistakes that will be evaluated for tomorrow such as being braver to hit the ball,” said Fitriana.

In the same vein, Fitriani Sabatini said that the third day’s match was very tough because the opponent was also quite good, but I was able to handle it with a score of 6-1 and 6-4. I also qualified for the final stage, possibly against my own twin, Fitriana Sabrina.

ranked national players under 10 nationally both male and female. The preparations have been going smoothly so far and the match is approaching the final round on December 17, 2022.

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