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After the 2024 Election, Various Figures Urge the Community to Maintain Conduciveness


By : Rivka Mayangsari*)

After the implementation of the simultaneous general election voting which took place on February 14 2024, the General Election Commission (KPU) continued to count the votes for the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres) until March 20 2024. A number of figures also appealed to the public to always maintain a conducive situation and national unity.

The West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) appealed to supporters of the presidential and vice presidential candidates to maintain conduciveness during the recapitulation process. Secretary of the West Java MUI, Rafani Akhyar, said that the MUI will continue to maintain conduciveness and remain the main concern, even though to this day there are still protests.

They welcome it if the rules apply as long as they are within the corridor. But you still have to maintain conduciveness so as not to cause conflict, rifts and divisions. If there are any supporters of the candidate pair who object to the point of holding a demonstration, the MUI hopes that they will prioritize the applicable law or use legal channels which must be taken in a dignified manner.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Sumenep, Achmad Fauzi Wongsojudo also invited the entire community to maintain calm and peace after the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential and legislative elections. He appealed to the community to maintain regional conduciveness after the elections, so that all elements must live in harmony, peace and safety in their respective environments.

According to the Regent of Sumenep, the public must show and prove their intelligence in democracy by accepting whatever the results of the 2024 elections are, because in holding them there are certainly different choices as a consequence of a democratic country. 

For this reason, all parties must continue to maintain brotherhood and togetherness, not to be divided due to differences in political choices. Every citizen has their own choice in this election, and the results must be accepted by the community to maintain peace and security.

Apart from that, the Secretary of the NU Branch in Urang Hang Village, Sukodono District, Masmuji, appealed to all parties to respect every stage of the Election. Election organizers and supervisors have carried out their duties and obligations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The public must entrust this entire process to the KPU, as the organizer of the 2024 general election.

He also invited the public to respond wisely to the results of the quick count, for election participants who won the quick count version to behave appropriately, and for those who lost, to continue doing positive things for the progress of the nation.

Bhabinkamtibmas Mlonggo Police, Bripka Charief appealed to the community to maintain unity and integrity amidst differences in political choices. He emphasized the importance of respecting every choice made by society in a democracy.

Bripka Charief revealed that his party was carrying out cooling system sambang activities to ensure that the security and order situation on Tidung Island remained conducive after the 2024 elections. He also invited all residents not to be divided due to differences in political choices.

His party issued a warning regarding the spread of hoax news that could damage community unity. For this reason, citizens must be more selective in receiving and disseminating information, and ensure the validity of the news before believing it. Let’s together create an environment of peace and mutual respect.

This appeal is important in order to create a conducive atmosphere in society after the election, so that Tidung Island and all other areas remain a safe and comfortable place for all its citizens.

Babinsa Koramil 1709-01/Yapen Selatan Kodim 1709/Yawa, Serka Amos educates and encourages young people to take an active role in maintaining and maintaining Kamtibmas so that it runs conducively. Amos said that young people, as the nation’s next generation, are expected to play a role in maintaining the security and comfort of all citizens, especially during the 2024 elections, by avoiding drugs, promiscuity and drinking alcohol (drunkenness).

Meanwhile, the Bangkalan Student Association (Himaba) asked all levels of society to maintain mutual conduciveness. Himaba Chairman, Abdul Holik said that the 2024 simultaneous elections have officially been held, and let’s wait for the official decision results from the KPU and continue to maintain mutual conduciveness.

The recapitulation process is currently still at the sub-district level and will continue to the district level and be monitored according to established procedures. He appreciated the performance of the security forces and organizers for holding the elections in a conducive and peaceful manner. Let us maintain the conduciveness of this country.

Provocations, hoaxes and hate speech that occur in society and cyberspace are the efforts of interested parties who want to politicize the election voting results. They want to divide society and destroy peace and make people have negative sentiments towards the government, officials and all election organizers.

For this reason, the public is expected to remain wise regarding all political and social dynamics occurring in the country. Don’t be easily provoked and remain selective in getting information. Continue to maintain harmony, peace and tolerance with the local community and netizens.

The government together with all related parties continue to work together to realize the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) which is safe and comfortable from the process stages until after it is held. All elements of society of course also have a shared responsibility to make the elections a success until the final stage, namely the inauguration of the President and Vice President next October.

*) The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Study Institute

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