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After the 2024 Election Voting, the Community is Obligated to Maintain Unity


By: Mesaya Lia Indira )*

Even though the momentum for voting in the Presidential Election (Pilpres) has ended, the series of elections are still ongoing. The thing that needs to be highlighted is maintaining conduciveness and peace after the voting. Security forces have a very important role in inviting citizens to work together to maintain unity and conduciveness after the General Election.

Post-election conduciveness is a very important foundation for a democratic country like Indonesia. This conduciveness creates a safe and stable environment for the vote counting process, as well as ensuring that the election results truly reflect the will of the people. Apart from that, post-election conduciveness is also important to prevent social conflicts that could disrupt national stability.

Security forces have a very important role in maintaining post-election conduciveness. They are responsible for ensuring security and public order, as well as preventing provocative actions that could trigger conflict. Apart from that, security forces also play a role in supporting legal processes related to election violations that may occur.

To maintain post-election conduciveness, security forces have taken various steps, such as increasing patrols in various areas to monitor the security situation and prevent security disturbances. Security forces also coordinate with various related parties, including the KPU, Bawaslu and political parties, to ensure that the post-election process runs smoothly. Apart from that, security forces are also active in educating the public about the importance of maintaining post-election peace and ways to avoid conflict.

The Batang Police’s Mantap Brata Candi (OMBC) Operation Task Force (Satgas) is intensifying dialogue patrols as part of efforts to maintain regional conduciveness after the 2024 elections. In this activity, Bhayangkara, Community Security and Order Trustee (Bhabinkamtibmas) together with the Village Trustee (Babinsa) participated. and to interact directly with community members.

The aim of this dialogic patrol is to monitor developments in the security and public order (kamtibmas) situation after the election and remind the public of the importance of maintaining the security of the surrounding environment. Batang Police Chief, Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) Nur Cahyo through Kasatbinmas Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKP) Sukamto, emphasized the importance of increasing patrol activities after the 2024 General Election voting. to take an active role in maintaining regional security.

It is hoped that this dialogical patrol activity will be able to increase the sense of security among the community after the election. Sukamto also said that by carrying out routine dialogue patrols, it is hoped that good synergy will be created between security forces and the community in maintaining security and order in the Batang area. Apart from that, this activity is also a concrete manifestation of the Batang Police’s commitment to providing the best service to the community.

Even though the role of security forces is very important, we all also have a role to play in maintaining post-election conduciveness. Some things we can do include:

Apart from that, the Gunungkuning Village Bhabinkamtibmas from the Sindang Subsector Police, Sukahaji Police, Majalengka Police, West Java Regional Police, Bripka Pedi Fedillah, S.IP, also plays a role in maintaining security and conduciveness in his area. Bripka Pedi Fedillah carried out a dialogue patrol while inviting residents to work together to maintain conduciveness in Gunungkuning Village, Sukahaji District, Majalengka Regency.

In his dialogic patrol, Bripka Pedi Fedillah interacted directly with residents, gave advice and conveyed important messages about the importance of maintaining post-election peace and order. He emphasized the importance of harmony and solidarity between citizens, as well as avoiding conflicts that could be detrimental to all.

Bripka Pedi also said that the security forces together with the community have a responsibility to maintain conduciveness in the area. Not only that, Bripka Pedi Fedillah also invited residents to actively report any incidents or situations that could disturb order to the authorities, so that preventive or handling actions can be taken quickly and precisely.

Meanwhile, Majalengka Police Chief, AKBP Indra Novianto, through Sukahaji Police Chief AKP Erik Riskandar, welcomed Bripka Pedi Fedillah’s initiative in maintaining security and conduciveness in Gunungkuning Village post-election. Erik said that the presence of Bhabinkamtibmas in the community is very important to build trust and cooperation between the police and residents in maintaining security and order together.

With dialogic patrols like this, it is hoped that the people of Gunungkuning Village will increasingly realize the importance of an active role in maintaining peace and order, as well as maintaining harmony between fellow residents for mutual progress.

Therefore, post-election conduciveness is a shared responsibility to maintain peace and stability in the country. The role of security forces is very important in creating a safe and stable environment, but we all also have a role to play in creating post-election conduciveness. By jointly maintaining peace, we can ensure that the election results truly reflect the will of the people and that the country can continue to run well.

)* The author is a Main Media Room contributor

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