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By : Barra Dwi Rajendra )* 

Ahead of the 2024 election, security will be increasingly tightened, especially in cyberspace. Cyber ​​security has been increased because there is the potential for attacks from radical groups, in the form of propaganda, hoaxes and hate speech. Radicalism must be eradicated because it has the potential to derail the election.

The radical group is a group of people who want to establish their own country with a caliphate system. They hate the government and want to change Indonesia. In fact, since 1945 this country has been based on democracy and cannot simply be changed to a caliphate. Therefore, radicalism must be eradicated so that Indonesia remains safe.

So far, attacks from radical groups have taken the form of bombings and shootings. The government is anticipating attacks from radical groups because they have shifted the location of the attack, namely in cyberspace. Moreover, Indonesian people are active internet users (in the top 5 worldwide).

Therefore, the cyber police team continues to eradicate radicalism, to secure Indonesia and at the same time launch elections. The reason is because ahead of the 2024 election, it is very vulnerable to attacks from radical and terrorist groups in the form of hoaxes, hate speech and propaganda.

Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) General TNI (Purn.) Dr. H. Moeldoko, that radicalism and identity politics have the potential to occur and become a threat during the 2024 elections. Seeing the increasing potential, according to him it is important to increase the awareness of the nation’s citizens regarding radicalism. The government already has clear standards and measurements in identifying groups with radical views.

Meanwhile, terrorism observer Suhardi Alius said that since 2010 acts of terrorism in the world have always used the media as a means of propaganda and recruiting members. The internet has become an important medium for spreading radicalism and terrorism. Apart from being a force, the internet is also a threat in spreading hoaxes, fraud and SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group) issues.

This phenomenon has been observed by researchers, showing the transformation of radicalism and terrorism from time to time, from conventional methods to using new media , this gave rise to the term cyberterrorism.

Currently, cyberspace is not just an internet platform, but a meta reality, namely a new reality on which everyone depends for all their activities. In this meta-reality world, radical groups spread messages and propaganda, hoaxes and hate speech. They also use cyberspace to provoke people to hate government programs, including elections.

Therefore, the government continues to be committed to anticipating attacks by radical groups in cyberspace, which will become more intense as the campaign begins. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics will protect the digital space so that the 2024 Simultaneous General Election takes place in a clean manner free from various hoax information and radicalism. 

Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Budi Arie Setiadi stated that his party is currently coordinating with various parties to take steps to prevent and handle hoaxes and disinformation, in cyberspace. He will also have discussions with many parties to discuss which ones are hoaxes and which ones contain radical narratives.

Budi Arie added, the Ministry of Information and Communication is collaborating with various parties to prevent the spread of radical content ahead of the 2024 Election. The content will be blocked so that it will not damage peace in cyberspace and the Election will be ensured to be safe from cyber disturbances. 

The essence of holding elections is to unite fellow citizens and contribute to improving the quality of democracy. Therefore, all parties have a role to play in maintaining a safe and healthy digital space.

The government has made efforts to anticipate attacks from radical and terrorist groups in cyberspace. It is hoped that blocking radical content will prevent society from radicalism and secure the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, the public is asked to be more vigilant and not believe too much news with bombastic titles. It could be just a hoax. They must check the truth and not be fooled.

For this reason, literacy intelligence is needed in cyberspace. The reason is because the terror launched by radical groups has begun to shift to social media. They are expected to be thorough and not just share photos or news because there is a potential for hoaxes. People have to listen carefully and don’t believe it easily.

The community also seeks to prevent terrorism and radicalism in cyberspace. They want the 2024 Election to be successful and they don’t want terror to derail the Election. This grand event must be successful so that the lives of Indonesian citizens will get better.

The government is strongly committed to making the 2024 elections a success. One way is by increasing security in cyberspace. Radical content will be blocked so that it will not poison people’s minds and they will not abstain from voting during the elections. Meanwhile, the community is also working together to increase internet literacy, so that they do not just share and are not influenced by hoax news and propaganda.

)* Contributor to Angkasa Media Satu

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