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Ahead of the ASEAN Summit, the streets in Jakarta are decorated with mural designs


Jakarta – Several areas in Jakarta are routes for delegates to the 2023 ASEAN Summit (KTT) in Jakarta.

The 43rd ASEAN Summit itself is planned to be held on September 5-7 2023.

Some of the traffic routes include Jalan Raya Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) as well as the Halim Perdanakusuma airstrip area and its surroundings.

In order to welcome the arrival of the delegation, the East Jakarta City Government arranged the roads to beautify the crossing route.

East Jakarta Mayor M Anwar said the arrangement included repairs and supervision of street vendors around the site.

“We will spruce up the infrastructure with a variety of greenery and fireplaces across sectors,” said Anwar in an official statement, Tuesday.

“At least, no more trash and vandalism, as well as attributes that leave a rundown impression,” he added.

Arrangements are carried out through collaboration between the relevant Regional Work Units (UKPD).

Some of them are the Parks and Forests Sub-agency (Tamhut), the Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency, the East Jakarta Administrative City Bina Marga Sub-agency, as well as the districts and sub-districts whose areas are involved.

Meanwhile, mural decorations with the theme of the ASEAN Summit can also be seen along Jalan Raya Haji Bokir bin Djiun in Dukuh Village, Kramatjati District, East Jakarta.

According to Acting Lurah Dukuh Daily Jumiarti, the mural was deliberately made because Jalan Haji Bokir would be crossed by heads of state and delegates from the ASEAN Summit after visiting TMII.

“We present a mural, the aim is to welcome the arrival of guests participating in the ASEAN Summit,” he said

The Acting Lurah added that the kelurahan directly directed the staff handling public infrastructure and facilities (PPSU) to make the mural. The kelurahan only gave a big picture, that the mural had the theme of the ASEAN Summit. The rest, the concept is based on the creativity of the orange officers.

“For that, how (how to) beautify the location of this crossing so that state guests see that Indonesian citizens are creative,” said the Daily

Based on discussions among PPSU officers, they decided not to just draw the flags of the participating countries.

However, PPSU also presents icons for each country whose flag is painted on the wall.

“They, PPSU Dukuh Urban Village, are trying to pour the symbols of the countries (participants) of the ASEAN Summit to be displayed in the form of a mural along this wall,” explained the Daily.

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