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AI Engineering Video Shows President Jokowi Speaking Mandarin, Observer: Hoax!


AI video circulating shows President Jokowi speaking Mandarin. In the video, President Jokowi appears to be speaking fluently in Mandarin, a linguistic ability that has never been demonstrated before.

Although this video has gone viral on social media, many observers and artificial intelligence experts are urging the public to maintain vigilance regarding the possible authenticity of the recording.

“The video of President Jokowi giving a speech in Mandarin has also given rise to multiple interpretations which are prone to portraying it as if President Jokowi is part of the power of economic interests in China,” said Indonesian Communicologist Emrus Sihombing.

Emrus also appealed to the public to always be alert to hoax content circulating. He explained that ahead of the 2024 election there will be a lot of hoax content circulating and it is hoped that the public will not be influenced by this hoax content.

He also said that the video of the President discussing Mandarin was a doctored video made to generate negative opinions towards President Joko Widodo.

“The public must increase vigilance because the circulation of hoax content is considered quite massive recently, especially approaching the momentum of the 2024 election.” Emrus said

“The video which narrates that President Joko Widodo gave a speech using Mandarin is clearly a hoax to lead to negative opinions that President Joko Widodo is bringing China’s interests to Indonesia,” continued Emrus.

Based on research results found, the President’s Mandarin-language speech was engineered by artificial intelligence (AI) to create the illusion that President Jokowi spoke fluent Mandarin.

The importance of firm steps from the Ministry of Communication and Information as the competent authority to stop the spread of manipulated videos involving artificial intelligence.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information must massively explain the video of President Jokowi’s speech to the public space, which appears to be spoken in Mandarin. “In fact, ideally, a foreign language conveyed orally must also be accompanied by written text or running text as well,” stressed Emrus.

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