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Alert to Protect Residents from KST Papua, TNI-Polri’s Action Deserves Appreciation


Not stopping, the brutal actions of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) have occurred again, making the Papuan people anxious. The crimes committed by KST Papua violated many serious human rights (HAM), such as killing civilians on the pretext of fighting for Papuan independence, even though not all Papuans want independence. The security forces never remain silent and continue to take firm action against KSTP, this should be appreciated by the entire community.

The Kali Ei area of ​​Yahukimo Regency was targeted by KSTP in carrying out its actions to attract the government’s attention, that KSTP would not stop trying to gain independence and leave the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). The government and security forces are serious about finding the root of the problem by continuing to look for KSTP members involved in this case and eradicating KSTP.

TNI Rear Admiral Julius Widjojono said that his team strongly condemned the brutal and uncivilized actions of the KSTP group, those who were victims were purely civilians who depended on the proceeds of mining for their daily lives.

During their investigation, approximately 30 KSTP people attacked the illegal gold mining area on the Ei River, causing 7 civilians who worked as miners to die and 22 other workers were able to save themselves.

KST is known to be the leader of Asbak Koranue, part of the Egianus Kogoya group. Weapons worn: 1 SS1 V2 rifle, arrows and machete. KST also burned 3 excavators, 2 trucks and a panning camp.

Residents who were rescued from the KKB Papua massacre really need help. In general, their condition is still traumatized by this incident because they saw several of their colleagues die at the hands of the KKB.

KSTP’s actions are no different from terrorist acts that disrupt security stability. It is very worrying that at a time when the Papuan people need calm and peace in facing life to create a developed and dignified Papuan society, the KSTP is actually carrying out cruel, brutal and inhumane sadistic actions.

On the other hand, the Chair of the La Pago Traditional Region, Yuranus Jikwa, also responded to the KSTP’s actions which continued to act to disrupt the ideology of the Indonesian nation. Yuranus said that the KST’s struggle was becoming increasingly unclear and was only in the interests of his own group. They only rely on brute strength and muscle.

The Papuan people are furious with KST Papua and continue to support the security forces’ steps to take action against security intruders. KST Papua must stop threatening the community at gunpoint, and no longer rob them of development results under the pretext of the struggle for independence. 

Security forces always try to do their best until they succeed in evacuating a number of Papuans from KSTP attacks. For these efforts, various elements of Papuan society appreciated the heroic efforts of the Joint Team under the leadership of Major HR from the Marine Yonif 7 Task Force and Kodim 1715/YHK under the control of the Yonmar 7 Task Force.

Apart from that, security forces have also been active in carrying out eradication operations against KST members. This firm action not only reduces the courage of these separatist groups but also sends a strong message that the country will not tolerate acts of violence and separatism that are detrimental to national security and unity.

Papua Regional Observer, Alvaro Hukubun said that the Joint TNI Polri Task Force has shown extraordinary dedication and courage. Moral support, compliance with the law, and cooperation in providing important information are positive contributions that we can make.

The public hopes that there will be no more acts of brutal violence committed by KST. This shows that the Papuan people are angry with KST and support the steps taken by the security forces to take action against these security intruders, there will no longer be any attempts to threaten the community at gunpoint, and there will be no more robbing of development results under the pretext of the struggle for independence.

Apart from that, it can be assessed that collaboration between security forces can trigger security and society can build a safe, peaceful and prosperous environment for all. There is no space or place in Papua, no matter how small, for the brutal and sadistic actions of the KSTP

Apart from being shown to the security forces, the appreciation that comes from the Papuan people must be accompanied by joint efforts to build dialogue and find long-term solutions regarding the conflict in Papua, and a spirit of togetherness and trust between the security forces and the community is the key to overcoming common threats.

Papuan people want peace and focus on supporting development. Many concrete actions have been proven to have been carried out by the Central Government and the President who pay so much attention to the land of Papua, which can be proven by the massive development in the land of Papua.

It is time for all Papuan people to focus on hard work, working together, to achieve independence. Also catch up and eradicate poverty, to create prosperity in the beloved land of Papua.

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