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All ASEAN Summit Facilities Have Been Thoroughly Prepared


By: Ratih Safira Utami )*

All the supporting facilities for the ASEAN Summit 2023 have been prepared very carefully by all parties. Therefore, appreciation should be given to all stakeholders who have worked very hard so far to ensure that this international event can run smoothly.

Indonesia was once again entrusted by the world to become chair of ASEAN as well as host at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in 2023 in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT).

One of the efforts to continue to ensure that there are preparations for facilities that support the success of the ASEAN Summit 2023 is a review carried out by many parties, one of which is the Deputy Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Wakapolri), the General Commissioner of Police (Komjen Pol) Gatot Eddy Pramono who reviewed a number of the point of the venue for the implementation of the international event.

He conducted a review to ensure that all the preparations and readiness of the facilities and infrastructure in the area were thorough. As the host and Chair of the 42nd ASEAN Summit, Indonesia must be able to prepare itself in various ways, both from a security and comfort perspective.

Some of the locations visited by the Deputy Chief of Police were the Komodo Labuan Bajo VIP International Airport, the main route in Labuan Bajo City, the Meruorah Labuan Bajo Hotel, the Sudamala Labuan Bajo Hotel, the Ayana Komodo Hotel and the 91 Command Center as well as tourist ship infrastructure that will be used by the chiefs ASEAN countries and delegates.

West Manggarai Police Chief, AKBP Ari Satmoko said the Deputy Chief of Police came down in person to see the readiness of the facilities and infrastructure to support the smooth running of the 2023 ASEAN Summit, mainly the location which will indeed be visited by heads of state and ASEAN delegations.

From the results of the visit conducted by Komjen Pol Gatot Eddy, all facilities in the Labuan Bajo area, especially the venues that will be used for meetings of heads of state in the ASEAN region, are close to 100 percent.

With full support from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) to carry out all these preparations carefully, it is hoped that it will be able to support all 2023 ASEAN Summit events properly, safely and smoothly.

There were many visits to the venue that were carried out directly by various parties, including even the President of the Republic of Indonesia himself, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and also by his ministers and the Police, as evidence that all parties support and welcome the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

Furthermore, the Deputy Chief of Police immediately headed to the Sudamala Hotel in Labuan Bajo and also the Ayana Komodo Hotel to review and coordinate with the hotel regarding facilities and infrastructure issues and all the facilities that would later be needed by the delegates who would be staying at the hotel.

The delegation also took the time to check the location and infrastructure facilities at the 91 Command Center which is in the Labuan Bajo Caci Statue area. The group carried out an inspection of the Marina Labuan Bajo area. In the Marina Area, the Deputy Chief of Police ensures that sea transportation or tourist ship managers immediately repair and prepare infrastructure and safety equipment.

The Mabar Police Chief explained that tour boats must be equipped with complete safety equipment, such as life jackets, life rafts, fire prevention, navigation equipment, radio communication and pollution prevention. Not only that, the comfort aspect is also very important to continue to pay attention to so as to be able to maintain the positive image of Labuan Bajo as a super premium tourism area.

In the same vein, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu RI), Retno Marsudi also revealed that all preparations, both substance and non-substance, were all on the right track. In fact, detailed checking continues to be carried out directly by President Jokowi.

Regarding Komodo Airport, Retno reported, currently there are two routes, namely the international route and the domestic route. In fact, a number of airport supporting facilities and infrastructure are also being carefully prepared to welcome the arrival of the delegates to the 42nd ASEAN Summit.

Highest appreciation should be given to all parties who have been helping in supporting the success and smooth running of the ASEAN Summit 2023 activities, including also finalizing all preparations ranging from substantial to non-substantial matters such as all supporting facilities and infrastructure.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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