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All Components of the Nation Contribute to Realizing Healthy and Democratic 2024 Elections  


By: Naufal Putra Bratajaya)*

The Democracy Party which will be held in 2024 will present various dynamics in the country, therefore all elements of society must have the awareness to redefine Pancasila and Bhineka Tunggal Ika in order to create a healthy and democratic 2024 election.

Soon the Indonesian nation will hold a democratic party and at the same time become a national political contestation, namely the General Election (Election) in 2024. Of course, the continuation of the contest will be colored by the dynamics that are happening in this country.

Therefore, in the midst of the 2024 election contestation, it is very important for all elements of society in the country to be able to build awareness to be able to carry out fair competition and also maintain the existence of ukhuwah Islamiyah, namely brotherhood among fellow Muslims, which later developed into ukhuwah wathaniyah, namely the existence of national brotherhood. All awareness of brotherhood and unity should be able to continue to be the glue in the midst of the heat of the 2024 election contestation.

Regarding this matter, Acting Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), KH Marsudi Syuhud said that he felt very lucky to be in a country like Indonesia. The reason is that in this country the stage for political competition in the context of elections has already been prepared and has even been facilitated very well and completely by many parties, including the Government of Indonesia.

In fact, it’s not just the provision of stages and facilities, but also a set of rules that clearly regulate the continuation of the General Election. Then, when a competition has indeed been framed with clear rules, including the presence of a fair referee, of course Kyai Marsudi considers that the contestation can become a healthy competition.

He added that in the Holy Qur’an itself, it has actually been taught that Muslims should always be able to carry out competition or contestation in any matter, including elections, in a healthy way.

Furthermore, the acting chairman of the MUI added that it is undeniable that in every competition there will always be a threat or potential for division. Moreover, the potential for horizontal conflict or division can be said to be quite risky in a country like Indonesia because this nation itself consists of various social backgrounds, ranging from different ethnicities, languages, to various religions.

However, with all the differences that already exist, all elements of the nation should indeed be able to continue to be determined and unite to become a single ummatan wahidah or nation, exactly with the motto that was also put forward by the founding fathers of the nation, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or different but still one anyway.

In order to realize healthy contestation, the General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah Prof. Abdul Mu’ti said that political contestation can also run the risk of causing problems later, however this can be overcome through all components of the nation which cannot be passive. 

This means that all components of the nation, from the Government, TNI-Polri, religious scholars, to all levels of society are obliged to maintain national unity by continuing to build full awareness so that they are not easily provoked by things that have a negative impact on the nation and the country.

This is because the formation of healthy elections in the future will give a positive impression to the next leader. In addition, healthy elections can save the situation of oligarchs such as unscrupulous politicians who play with money to buy votes.

Indonesia, of course, does not want an oligarchy in Mother Earth because this is contrary to the foundation of our country, namely Pancasila. As stated in the 2nd precept, namely Just and Civilized Humanity in which in this article all components of the nation are required to have characteristics that are not only fair but also prioritize ethics with sportsmanship fighting.

         Article 3 of Pancasila clearly reads the Unity of Indonesia, which in the foundation of the Indonesian state has been warned to maintain and continue to build the unity and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Do not let it, just because this political contestation actually divides the nation and state, it is precisely this difference that can unite various minds with mutual respect.

         Then, the most important part for holding the upcoming 2024 Presidential General Election is to realize article 4 of the foundation of our country Pancasila which reads ‘Populist Led by Wisdom in Deliberation/Representation’, it is clear that elections must uphold wisdom so that later it will provide justice for all levels of Indonesian society.

         One of the simplest examples in realizing the upcoming 2024 Healthy Election is by not spreading or creating fake news, either directly or on social media. For all levels of society, it is also necessary to filter again related to the news that is circulating so that it is not consumed by lies that aim to divide our nation. 

Indonesia already has the basic Pancasila state with a very clear symbol of Unity in Diversity, both of which have a major role in realizing healthy general elections. Of course, this cannot be done alone, because all components of the nation must also take part in it to maintain the unity and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to the Inti Media Institute

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