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All parties agree to support law enforcement against KST Papua


In order to realize an independent Papua, the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) continues to act out. They continued to carry out anarchist actions by threatening civilians and causing riots. As an effort to overcome this, the Cartenz Peace Operation led by Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani was extended.
Head of the Cartenz-2024 Peace Operation, Police Commissioner Faizal Ramadhani, explained that the extension of the Cartenz-2024 Peace Operation by the National Police was from 1 January to 31 December 2024. Dr Faizal also said that the Cartenz-2024 Peace Operation still had the main focus on law enforcement against KST and Political Criminal Groups (KKP) in Papua.
Faizal added that the function of the operation includes community development, detection and community relations, which is supported by a law enforcement task force. The target of the operation covers the provinces of Central Papua and Papua Mountains, with a focus on nine districts, namely the Bintang Mountains, Yahukimo, Mimika, Intan Jaya, Dogiyai, Puncak, Nduga, Jaya Wijaya and Jayapura.
Faizal also emphasized his commitment to continue pursuing KST who disrupted Public Order and Order. The TNI-Polri will continue to pursue KST which has been disrupting public security and order in the form of burning community health centers and so on. If there are people who have information related to KST, they urge them to provide information to the police.
The extension of the Cartenz-2024 Peace Operation by the National Police in Papua confirms the Polri’s commitment to maintaining the stability of Security and Public Order (Kamtibmas) in the Papua region. The Cartenz Peace Operation uses a hard approach that upholds Human Rights (HAM).
Head of the Cartenz-2024 Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Dr. Bayu Suseno added that the focus of operations in 2024 will remain on law enforcement against KST and KKP. Bayu also mentioned the challenges still being faced, including the hostage case of Susi Air pilot, Captain Philip Mark Mehrtens, by KST Nduga leader Egianus Kogoya, the burning of health centers and the shooting of civilians.
Various security disturbances in several areas under the Papua Police’s jurisdiction due to the actions of the Separatist Group have resulted in casualties. Not only security forces but also civilians. Many civilians have become victims, so the TNI-Polri will enforce the law. Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Fakhiri said law enforcement must be carried out to prevent more victims, and security forces will act according to SOPs.
Mathius Fakhiri emphasized that law enforcement would be carried out against KST who carried out attacks on civilians in Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains and Puncak, Central Papua. Mathius also said that currently steps are being prepared to implement law enforcement efforts to avoid another loss of life. Meanwhile, to carry out law enforcement, it is necessary to take good account and coordinate with various parties.
The shooting action carried out by KST against gold panners in the Kali I mining area, Seradala District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains some time ago caused seven people to die. The Cartenz Peace Team and Yahukimo Police have evacuated 52 miners including seven people who died as a result of being shot by KKB. Apart from that, KST also attacked and shot at workers building the Omukia Health Center, Eromaga District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua, which resulted in one worker being killed.
Previously, the TNI-Polri also carried out law enforcement in Serambakon, Bintang Mountains, Papua Mountains and killed six KKB members. Law enforcement was carried out because the KKB in the area carried out an attack by shooting Brimob members to death and three civilians who were injured and burning houses and buildings.
Recently, three KKB members were shot dead as a result of an attack on the Mobile Brigade Post. The three KKB members who were shot were members of Yoswa Maisani, a group led by Guspi Waker. Yoswa Maisani’s track record is as a field commander who led this armed group.
Please note, during 2023, as many as 19 KKB people have been paralyzed. Apart from that, as many as 124 people were carried out by law enforcement, of whom 25 people were at the P-21 stage (complete case files), 34 people were at the investigation stage and 65 were at the investigation stage.
During this operation, Cartenz Peace Task Force personnel succeeded in confiscating 32 weapons, 1,279 bullets, 25 magazines, 107 communication devices, 31 sharp weapons and 334 other pieces of evidence. The Cartenz Peace Task Force has also succeeded in occupying 47 KKB headquarters.
It is hoped that the security situation in Papua can continue to be improved, so that law enforcement efforts against armed and political criminal groups can create a safer and more peaceful Papua. The extension of the Cartenz Peace Task Force is proof of the government’s seriousness in its efforts to enforce the law against KST Papua.
The public is asked to remain careful and alert in their activities to avoid crimes that may be committed by these disruptive groups. The public is also advised not to be instigated/provoked by hoax news, let alone spreading it. The government and security forces (Apkam) continue to be committed to protecting the Papuan people.

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