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AMANAH Creates Young Leaders with International Insights with National Character


The Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) program is an effort to create leaders from young people with an international outlook, but still upholding national character.

Forming or galvanizing the values and leadership figures of the youth as the next generation of the nation is an obligation. Knowing the importance of this, the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) is very strongly committed to being able to educate the younger generation to become human resources (HR) with superior and great quality.

It is very important to have adequate education for the younger generation, because they are an active group of agents of change and also the next generation of the nation who will continue the leadership relay in the future.

The realization of the AMANAH program has one of the main objectives, namely to shape the leadership character of young people, especially young people from Aceh, so that they continue to uphold the basic philosophical values of the state, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, Bhinneka Tunggal. Ika and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

In order to create young people who have good quality leadership character, namely having an international outlook but still having a strong national character, BIN is intensifying many development activities for them.

All coaching activities are being intensified by the institution led by Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan hopes that the young generation at the Veranda of Mecca can further increase all the potential they have and also increase their understanding of national insight, citizenship, Pancasila character, defending the country, but also with entrepreneurship, leadership and pioneering.

One of AMANAH’s superior programs is related to the sector of increasing business competency for young people, especially to fully support digital transformation which is of course very helpful in strengthening the business processes of start-up entrepreneurs, namely providing digital training for start-up actors.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Information (Wamenkominfo) Nezar Patria said that in this training program, young people will learn many things, especially various skills in the digital world such as digital marketing, artificial intelligence and data science.

So far, there have actually been many initiatives from start-up businesses in Aceh, but in fact there is a lack of support such as networks, then a lack of access to funding and a lack of technical assistance and collaboration.

However, all these shortcomings can now be overcome with the presence of the Aneuk Muda Aceh Superior and Great (AMANAH) program which was initiated by the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) because it is able to help collaboratively with other programs such as the Digital Startup Headquarters program.

There is great hope that by implementing these various programs, Aceh will be able to grow better and be able to compete both at the national level and even at the international level.

Of course, with the presence of the AMANAH program which prepares Acehnese youth to become quality leaders with international insight but still with a national character, the digital economy has also experienced an increase so that indirectly there has been the creation of many new job opportunities estimated at up to 3.7 million additional jobs. in 2025.

The creation of new job opportunities is very important for the target of realizing the vision of a Golden Indonesia in 2045. Because it offers many conveniences and opportunities for all social groups, including vulnerable groups, to be able to access many economic benefits, economic inclusion, education, health and digital economy-based platforms.

Because it contains many programs including improving the quality of young human resources (HR) with international insight with a national character, the Chancellor of Malikussaleh University, Dr. Herman Fithra highly appreciated the implementation of the AMANAH program.

According to him, the program initiated by BIN is a forum that can bring together Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) or creative industry players and Acehnese youth to improve the business and economic ecosystem in Rencong Country.

The academic also strongly believes that the Aneuk Muda Aceh Superior and Great program is able to provide various kinds of facilities for the youth there, starting from production processes, human resource development to digitalization for business actors such as start-up businesses or MSMEs. With this amount of training, they are able to have an advantage to compete in larger markets at national and international levels.

Many future national leaders will be born with superior and great qualities and very high competitiveness from the implementation of the AMANAH program. These young people will also have a great spirit to defend the country, a strong sense of nationality within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia and undoubted loyalty to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

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