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Anticipate the Circulation of Counterfeit Money and Money Politics During Elections


Elections are a democratic party that needs to receive a positive response from all of society. Therefore, all elements of society need to be aware of the emergence of the circulation of counterfeit money and money politics which could threaten conduciveness ahead of the 2024 elections.

The Malang Police are now increasingly active in efforts to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money and the practice of money politics in the Malang Regency area. This is the appeal conveyed by the Kasihumas Malang Police, Inspector Ahmad Taufik, in a dialogue.

This dialogue is part of the Malang Police strategy in providing advice to the public regarding the upcoming 2024 elections. Inspector Ahmad Taufik highlighted the important role of society in preventing the circulation of counterfeit money and the practice of money politics which has the potential to damage the integrity of democracy.

In a discussion that considered current issues related to preparations for the 2024 Election, Inspector Ahmad Taufik emphasized the importance of maintaining the security and authenticity of currency circulating in society.

Inspector Ahmad Taufik invited all residents of Malang Regency to increase awareness of the circulation of counterfeit money. This is because counterfeit money has the potential to disrupt economic stability and affect the level of public trust in legitimate currency.

Apart from that, Inspector Ahmad Taufik also warned of the dangers of money politics which could threaten the democratic process in general elections.

Deep concern was expressed regarding the practice of money politics which has the potential to damage the essence of general elections which should take place in a fair and open atmosphere. The great hope is that the public will not participate in money politics practices that are detrimental to the integrity of democracy.

Malang Police urge residents to check their cash carefully, and the public is asked to recognize signs of counterfeit money such as differences in color, size and unclear images.

Taufik also reminded the public to immediately report any suspicions regarding the circulation of counterfeit money or the practice of money politics . Residents are expected to report via the WhatsApp Soegab complaint number 0811482000 or via the police call center 110.

Elections that are free from the practice of money politics are a necessity as regulated in Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning general elections. This law prohibits election participants from giving money, goods or services to voters in an effort to influence election results.

This is in line with the commitment of the Sleman Regency General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) in ensuring that elections run according to the principles of direct, general, free, confidential, honest and fair in accordance with applicable regulations.

Chairperson of Bawaslu for Sleman Regency, Arjuna Al Ichsan Siregar, underlined that Bawaslu’s role is to ensure that elections run according to these principles, and one of them is by preventing the practice of money politics.

At the 2024 election campaign stage which will start from 18 November 2023 to 10 February 2024, Bawaslu Sleman Regency has prepared a strategy to anticipate election violations, especially the practice of money politics which often appears during elections.

Arjuna explained that people who were too pragmatic and transactional during the 2014 elections had triggered a push to eradicate the practice of money politics. Therefore, Bawaslu Sleman Regency has formulated a program that promotes the spirit of rejecting money politics in society.

This program has been running since 2019 in several villages, and Bawaslu hopes to expand this program to more villages in the Sleman Regency area.

In an effort to build a culture of rejecting money politics, the Sleman Regency Bawaslu realizes that the challenges it faces are increasingly difficult. However, these efforts must continue, even with small steps, to change the culture of money politics that has become ingrained in society.

The Sleman Regency Bawaslu is also trying to raise awareness of election participants about the importance of running a campaign without money politics. They encourage candidates to win voters in legitimate ways, such as by highlighting their vision, mission and abilities, not by practicing money politics.

The efforts of the Malang Police and Sleman Regency Bawaslu to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money and money politics during the elections are important steps to ensure that the general election process runs fairly, honestly and in accordance with democratic principles.

The public, election participants and election organizers all have a key role in ensuring that the practice of money politics does not damage the integrity of democracy.

In moving towards cleaner and more democratic elections, it is important to continue to raise public awareness about the dangers of counterfeit money and the practice of money politics. Education and outreach are the main keys to changing the long-standing political culture.

In addition, strict law enforcement and sanctions for election violations, including the practice of money politics, need to be applied consistently. This will be an example to all parties involved in the election that violations will not be tolerated.

With strong cooperation between various parties and joint efforts to change political culture, it is hoped that future elections will be a good example of a healthy and transparent democracy. A democracy that truly reflects the will of the people and respects strong democratic principles.

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