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Appreciate Apkam’s commitment to protect the Papuan people from KST and KKP


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The Security Forces have a very strong commitment to continuing to maintain security and public order (kamtibmas) throughout the Papua region, especially from interference from irresponsible parties such as the existence of Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) and Political Criminal Groups (KKP) .

Regarding this matter, the Head of Cartenz 2024 Peace Operations, Police Commissioner (Kombes Pol) Faizal Ramadhani said that his party continues to intensify operations, which are focused on enforcing the law against the two groups which are seriously disturbing the nation’s security stability.

In the operation carried out in 2024, he explained that the approach used by the security forces remained the same as the previous year, namely with an approach that upholds humanism, but still enforces the law in a firm and measurable manner.

Head of the Public Information Section of the Public Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police (Kabag Penum, Public Relations Division) Kombes Pol Erdi A. Chaniago said that the 2024 Cartenz Peace Operation, which has been extended since January 1 2024, continues to prioritize humanist and persuasive efforts.

It is known that the Cartenz 2024 Peace Operation itself started on January 1 and will end on December 31 2024, which means the operation will run for a full year.

Some of the things carried out during the Peace Cartenz 2024 operation include coaching the community, early detection and continuing to establish good relations with the community, all of which are also supported by the law enforcement task force.

For the target of the operation itself, Police Commissioner Faizal Ramdhani explained that his party would carry out operations in the Central Papua Province and also Mountain Papua Province. From the two provinces, in particular, the security forces will focus on nine districts, including the Bintang Mountains, Yahukimo, Mimika, Intan Jaya, Dogiyai, Puncak, Nduga, Jaya Wijaya to Jayapura.

Meanwhile, Head of the Damai Cartenz 2024 Operations Public Relations Task Force (Kasatgas Humas Ops), Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) Bayu Suseno said that the focus of operations carried out by security forces in 2024 will remain on law enforcement against KST and KKP.

Furthermore, until now there are still a number of challenges that must be faced by security forces, such as the hostage case of the Susi Air Airline Pilot named Captain Philip Mark Mehrtens who has not yet been released by the KST Papua Leader in Nduga, Egianus Kogoya.

Optimism and high hopes color the resolution of this case, namely it is hoped that the hostage-taking case can be handled as quickly as possible in 2024.

Then, with the extension of the Peace Cartenz 2024 operation, it is also hoped that the existing security situation in Papua can continue to be improved. On the other hand, efforts to enforce the law against irresponsible groups such as KST and KKP will be able to be further improved so that it can create a much safer and more peaceful situation for Bumi Cenderawasih.

As in the 2023 End of Year Release (RAT) conveyed by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, throughout last year, the Peace Cartenz operation itself involved up to 908 personnel, consisting of 777 Polri personnel and 131 personnel from the Indonesian National Army ( TNI).

At that time, the Cartenz Peace Operation used a hard approach but still upheld the principles of upholding Human Rights (HAM) to be able to overcome various kinds of disturbances carried out by KST, KKP and their entire network.

During 2023, 19 Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) were successfully neutralized by security forces, then strict law enforcement was carried out for 124 people, of which 25 people have entered the P-21 stage ( complete case files), as many as 34 people are at the investigation stage and 65 of them are entering the investigation stage.

In intensifying the Peace Cartenz operation last year, the security forces also succeeded in securing 32 weapons, including 1,279 bullets, 25 magazines, 107 communication devices, 31 sharp weapons (sajam) and as many as 334 other pieces of evidence. Not only that, but security forces also succeeded in occupying 47 KST Papua headquarters.

All the successes of the security forces in continuing to ensure security and public order, especially in the Papua region against the threat of KSTP and KKP, should be highly appreciated. Moreover, reflecting on the success in 2023, now the security forces still have the same strong commitment to continuing the 2024 Cartenz Peace Operation.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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