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Appreciating the Government’s Deradicalization Program Efforts


The government is aggressively promoting various programs to anticipate the dangers of radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia. One of them is through a deradicalization program, which is a program that aims to neutralize the thoughts of those who have been exposed to radicalism. The parties targeted are terrorists inside and outside correctional institutions (Lapas).

Deradicalization has the aim of neutralizing radicalism thoughts. That is, to cleanse the thoughts of radicalism that exist in terrorists so that they can return to being ordinary people like other people. Meanwhile, radicalism means an ideology or sect that wants social and political change or reform by means of violence or an extreme attitude.

The spread of terrorism and radicalism in Indonesia has indeed caused concern for society. Terrorism is coordinated attacks aimed at generating feelings of terror against a group of people. Terrorists usually use violence to cause fear, usually for political purposes, they have been exposed to radicalism. 

In order to ward off radicalism and terrorism, the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) is presenting Warung NKRI Digital for a deradicalization program involving 36 online Warung NKRI managers. BNPT collaborates with the Information and Communication Technology Alignment Committee (KPTIK). Warung NKRI Digital in question is a forum for Akur Rukun Usaha Conscience to Promote (Warung) NKRI for the sake of Indonesia, a safe and smooth (Digital) Information & Technology Movement.

Head of BNPT Komjen Pol Mohammed Rycko Amelza Dahiel explained that Warung NKRI Digital is a traditional shop that sells daily necessities combined with digital devices to increase the dissemination of information, facilitation, education and communication, as well as coordination.

BNPT as  the leading sector  for countering terrorism invites deradicalization partners to utilize this facility in order to improve economic welfare. Apart from supporting welfare-based deradicalization programs, Warung NKRI Digital will be a forum for disseminating national narratives and insights in order to increase, knit and maintain a sense of unity and oneness among the nation’s children.

From BNPT supervision, radicalization is carried out systematically by utilizing religious attributes. Currently, terrorist attacks have changed to a more subtle approach. This phenomenon should not be ignored. This could be a time bomb and have an impact on Indonesia’s future.

Thus, Rycko said that his party had prepared a BNPT work plan for 2024 to overcome this problem. BNPT will focus on building community resilience and ideology so that they are not trapped in the radicalization process.

BNPT will also hold seven priority programs in 2024, namely a program for the protection of women, children and teenagers, a program for the formation of prepared villages, a program for the formation of peaceful schools and a program for the formation of national campuses. Apart from that, there is also an assessment program for employees with high risk assignments, a program for handling Indonesian citizens who are affiliated with  foreign terrorist fighters  (FTF) and finally a reintegration and re-education program for deradicalization partners and families outside prison.

Meanwhile, Klaten Regent Sri Mulyani said that his party fully supports the launch of Warung NKRI Digital in his area. He believes that the presence of this program from BNPT RI can support in terms of improving the regional economy and also in general maintaining unity and unity in the Klaten Regency area.

The deradicalization program has produced satisfactory results that should be appreciated. One of them, namely Madiun Class I Prison, succeeded in cultivating three inmates for terrorism cases until they declared their pledge of allegiance to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Three inmates, namely BCL, HRD and RBM, led by Kadek Anton, were held in the visiting hall of Madiun Prison, on February 22 2024. This is in line with the efforts of the East Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in implementing the deradicalization program.

Head of the Corrections Division of the East Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office, Asep Sutandar, emphasized that this activity reflects the success of coaching at the Madiun Class I Prison. He hopes that the inmates will continue to do good, adapt to the environment, and be active in coaching activities. Apart from that, he asked them to serve the remaining sentence with enthusiasm and behave well as servants of Allah SWT with faith and piety.

Asep also appreciated the ranks involved and gave awards to the relevant agencies who were synergizing in the deradicalization program, including BNPT, Densus 88, BIN, Polri, TNI, as well as the Madiun City and Regency Government. Although the pledge of allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia is considered an achievement, Asep emphasized that this is not the end of the de-radicalization process. There is still a long way to go to produce a counter-narrative for terrorist groups that are still active.

Synergy between the government and all levels of society is still needed to oversee the deradicalization program so that it runs optimally, so that it can eradicate radicalism and terrorism from its roots. This program is considered effective in suppressing and reducing acts of terrorism. Hundreds of terrorism convicts have been successfully rehabilitated and resocialized into society. In fact, they are now actively assisting the government in implementing terrorism prevention programs through preaching, discussions and various community activities.

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