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Appreciating the Optimal and Measurable Actions of Security Forces in Handling KST Papua


By: Tiara Wompere )*

Security forces succeeded in paralyzing one member of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) led by Ananias Ati Mimin. This measured firm action by the security forces deserves to be appreciated as an effort by the state to stop the violence committed by KST against the Papuan people so far. 

Joint personnel from the TNI, Polri, to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) continue to hunt down KST which has been terrorizing Papuans. This struggle was not in vain because currently the KST movement is increasingly being pressured by the massive actions of the security forces in enforcing the law in Papua. Most recently, Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force AKBP Bayu Suseno confirmed that four KST members were shot around Oksibil District, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua Mountains Province. The four KKB members came from Kodap 35 Bintang Timur.

He added that of the four people, one KST member named Ricky Sasaka died. The four KST members were shot on Wednesday (20/9/2023) for fighting officers, injuring civilians and shooting at a passing plane.

The KST Papua action must be stopped. After several days ago burning down markets and kiosks belonging to residents, the separatist gang acted again by burning down one DPRD official residence and two kiosks belonging to residents in Serambakon District, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua Mountains Province.

It is known that the arson was carried out by the KST Bintang Timur gang led by Ananias Ati Mimin. The burning incident began when residents were shocked by a cloud of smoke coming from the direction of Yapimakot Village, Serambakon District. Then the residents reported it to the Security Forces consisting of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Republic of Indonesia Police (Polri). Not only that, there was also a collection of smoke coming from the direction of Siminbuk Village, still in the same district.

Previously, Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih Lt. Col. Inf. Johanis Parinussa confirmed the arson incident and said that he had received reports from the public regarding the alleged arson. The security apparatus immediately checked and provided security around the area. He also emphasized that the security forces will continue to try to bring the situation back to a conducive state and arrest the perpetrators of the arson.

KST’s action of burning houses and kiosks was a form of rejection of development carried out by the Government which was aimed at preventing the economy in the Bintang Mountains region from functioning, so it received criticism from various parties, especially the people in that region.

Of course, with the various kinds of acts of violence and terror carried out by KST Papua, it is absolutely not permissible to allow it to continue like this. Security forces must take action and apply very strict punishments to them.

Currently, the entire joint team from the TNI – Polri is pursuing the perpetrators of the arson. The security forces are very optimistic that they will definitely be successful in apprehending the perpetrators and will be able to process the perpetrators in accordance with the rules of law in Indonesia. The security forces themselves continue to strive to protect all areas in Papua from the KST threat so that they can become conducive and safe again. Several things were also done, including taking a firm and measured approach. 

The security apparatus from joint personnel consisting of the TNI and Polri will continue to make every effort without getting tired to restore security to the surrounding area and continue to enforce the law very firmly against the perpetrators.

Of course, to be able to overcome various kinds of security disturbances there, the number of Security Forces on duty will also continue to be increased to be more effective in carrying out a thorough clean-up of these separatist and terrorist groups.

So far there is also a motive that seems as if they want or demand their rights in order to be independent. All the actions they carried out are absolutely not something that can be left to happen, so enforcement of the rules must be carried out as quickly as possible with additional police personnel coming directly there and the crime scene (TKP) also continuing to be processed.

On another occasion, Papuan students who were in Solo, fully supported the efforts of the Security Forces, joint TNI and Polri personnel to be able to enforce the law very firmly and measurably against KSTP because they often carried out various acts of violence that had injured people on Earth. Cenderawasih itself. 

KST is a separatist group that has caused the Papuan people to become increasingly miserable. So, the Papuan people need to work together with various parties to support the efforts of the Government and Security Forces in cracking down on these groups, so that peace in the Papua region can always be maintained.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Solo

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