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Appreciating the Role of Ulama in Creating Peaceful Elections with Integrity


To create a peaceful and safe 2024 election , the Indonesian Police ( Polri ) is collaborating with ulama. Elections must be conducted with integrity and peace. Therefore, the public appreciates the ulama who are helping the government to make next year’s democratic party a success.

The peak of the democratic party , general elections ( elections ) will be held in 2024, but preparations must be made from now so that they run well . The community plays a big role in creating peaceful elections and is supported too by other parties such as community leaders and religious leaders. Peace must be maintained so that the elections take place smoothly without any riots.

In the framework of peaceful elections, the National Police is collaborating with ulama. A “cooling system” program was created by providing spiritual showers to reduce negative issues related to the 2024 Election. Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation for the Indonesian National Police, Inspector General Pol. Asep Edi Suheri as Chair of the Nusantara Cooling System Task Force (Kasatgas NCS) in his statement in Jakarta, said that one of the ulama involved was Ustad Das’ad Latif. He was grateful that the ustad wanted to support the National Police program.

Inspector General of Police. Asep Edi Suheri continued, the National Police is trying to create a conducive security situation, public order (kamtibmas), and prevent polarization that might occur in the run-up to and during the 2024 Election. There are many issues related to SARA and provocative issues on social media that can disrupt the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation in this political year.

In particular, the Head of the NCS Task Force met Ustad Das’ad Latif in the Kuningan area, Thursday September 2023, to ask for the ustad’s advice. He is willing to go on a missionary safari, even bridging the National Police with religious figures in the region to assist the police in their “cooling system”.

The cooperation between security forces and ulama must certainly be appreciated. The National Police is aware that the role of religious figures is very important because they have a position in society, and almost all their lectures and statements will be obeyed. By collaborating with ulama, it is hoped that peace in Indonesia will continue to last, especially during the 2024 elections.

The 2024 elections must take place peacefully. Don’t allow direct violence or verbal violence to occur during the campaign period. Therefore, this is where the ulama play a role in reconciling society by giving advice. Religious leaders also cooled the heated atmosphere during the elections by approaching conflict-prone areas and resolving problems there.

A cleric is aware that peace during elections must be maintained, and he supports the government in holding a democratic party well. He did not want to provoke people to abstain (white group) or carry out other bad actions because he was aware that this was a big mistake. A religious figure acts neutrally and does not want to be invited to join in hating the government for illogical reasons.

Then, the ulama who were collaborated with by the government in carrying out peaceful elections were truly religious figures with integrity. He is a nationalist and does not want to be influenced by radical and terrorist groups. The reason is because he believes that radicalism is a prohibited ideology in this country.

Meanwhile, Lhokseumawe ulama who are members of the Aceh Dayah Ulama Association (HUDA) support peaceful elections. HUDA Chairman Tengku Haji Zulkarnaen Juned stated that his party would fully support the government, including the 2024 elections. The ulama want Aceh and all regions in Indonesia to progress.

Tengku Haji Zulkarnaen Juned conveyed a message to the future presidential candidates to pay more attention to their people. Especially nutritional problems due to overcoming stunting. Then, he also advised to increase the salaries of honorary teachers, especially Koran teachers whose salaries are still below the UMR (Regional Minimum Wage).

The many ulama who support peaceful elections must be appreciated by the public. Elections are an event to elect new leaders and legislative candidates. Don’t make it a place of war or fierce hostility because you too support a particular political party or presidential candidate.

Ulama are expected to support peaceful elections. Even though they support a certain presidential candidate or party, they are obliged to keep it a secret. This is in accordance with the principles of LUBER (Direct, General, Free and Secret) Elections. Don’t provoke the public, especially before the campaign period starts, because it is the same as committing a violation.

There are three important hopes for the implementation of next year’s elections, namely that they will run peacefully according to the rules, all parties work together to make the elections successful from the people for the people and by the people and thirdly, fulfilling the representation of the people’s aspirations so that the results will bring prosperity to the community and the community can be sovereign. Therefore, peace during elections must be maintained.

The public appreciates the role of ulama in supporting the government, to create a safe and peaceful 2024 election. Peace in elections must be maintained to reduce the potential for riots, both physical and verbal. Religious leaders cooperate with security forces to maintain peace and not provoke the community with negative goals.

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