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Appreciating the Synergy of the Security and Security Administration to Eradicate KST in Papua


The existence of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has proven to be a thorn in the flesh for the community. Therefore, the synergy of security forces from the TNI, Polri, to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) needs to continue to be improved and appreciated by the public.

KST has taken various actions to achieve Papuan independence, however, as a result of their struggle, the Papuan people themselves have become victims of KST’s cruelty. In its movement, KST has been involved in a number of actions, including the use of armed violence, explosions, and holding large demonstrations against the Indonesian government, all aimed at achieving Papuan independence. However, the Indonesian government, to overcome this, also took several precautions, both in the form of law enforcement and other persuasive efforts.

The actions carried out by KST Papua have caused significant discomfort among the community, even threatening to cause fear due to the level of brutality that has become tolerable. Of course, a situation like this cannot be ignored, thus encouraging cross-institutional security forces such as BIN, TNI, to work together to enforce the law, protect the Papuan people, and maintain the security situation and public order.

A stable security situation is of course really needed by the community, because with security stability, various national programs can be continued. With the continuation of various development programs, it is believed that people’s welfare can also increase.

Regarding the concrete manifestation of synergy between the TNI, Polri and BIN, joint forces from various elements succeeded in arresting a KST member named Marthen Iba in the Bintuni Bay area, West Papua Province, Sunday (25/9). Head of Information for Kogabwilhan III Colonel Czi. Ign. Suriastawa said that Marthen Iba was arrested after shooting at the Regional Pamtas Task Force Post Yonif 407/PK in the Aroba Teluk Bintuni District, West Papua Province.

According to the Head of Information for Kogabwilhan III, the joint officers also succeeded in confiscating a number of pieces of evidence. In this case, the evidence confiscated from the arrest was three homemade firearms, an ID card in the name of Marthen Iba, a West Papua TPN membership card in the name of Marthen Iba with the position of Operations Staff, eight cell phones and a bag. Marthen was also arrested after joint forces carried out a perimeter patrol after the attack on the TNI Post.

Not only that, the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force succeeded in arresting a KST member with the initials AK alias Artis (20) in the Ilaga area, Puncak Papua because he was involved in burning down residents’ houses up to SMA 1 Ilaga. According to the Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force AKBP Bayu Suseno, the arrest was made on Thursday (21/9) with a number of pieces of evidence including a small bag, an Oppo brand cellphone and a knife. Bayu said that currently AK is still being examined intensively by officers at the Puncak Police.

Meanwhile, security forces also succeeded in paralyzing KST members in the Bintang Mountains, Papua Mountain Province on Wednesday (20/9). Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force AKBP Bayu Suseno confirmed that the four KST members who were shot around Oksibil District came from Kodap 35 Bintang Timur.

Furthermore, of the four people, one KST member named Ricky Sasaka died. The four KST members were paralyzed because they shot at a passing plane.

Previously, security officers were also involved in armed contact with the Papuan Separatist Group on September 17 2023 which occurred in Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. In this incident, according to the Head of Information (Kapen) Kogabwilhan III Colonel Czi IGN Suriastawa, said that 5 KST members died during a firefight with a patrol of TNI officers who were carrying out a patrol of the post area in Yahukimo.

With the increase in cases resulting from the KST Papua action, conflict management is needed in the form of synergy between institutions in Indonesia. Because according to the Chief of Army Staff (KSAD), General TNI Dudung Abdurachman, the approach to the easternmost region in the country requires integrated humanitarian operations for the sake of equitable development.

This action really needs to be taken, the strategic step that the Army Chief of Staff said is an effort to synergize between institutions which aims to achieve more equitable development in the region, taking into account social, economic and humanitarian factors. In other words, synergy between government institutions in Indonesia is the key to overcoming the conflict in Papua with a comprehensive approach, which includes development and humanitarian aspects to improve the welfare of local communities and create long-term stability.

The various successes of the security forces in paralyzing the power of KST Papua shows the synergy between Apkam and various institutions which is always committed to protecting the community. Nevertheless, support from all parties is needed to continue working together to create a conducive situation in Papua so that various development programs can continue and peace on Earth of Cenderawasih can continue to be maintained.

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