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Appreciation Apkam Safeguards the Situation Before the Election and Christmas from Radicalism


The security forces from the joint ranks of personnel consisting of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (Polri) deserve high appreciation from all people in Indonesia. The reason is that all Apkam ranks have indeed been very optimal in protecting all celebrations held by residents, including the 2024 New Year celebrations from various potential threats that might be disrupted, such as terrorism. Not only that, but all parties are also optimal in providing security during the elections.

The National Police themselves revealed how successful they were in eradicating terrorism during 2023 in Indonesia. Data shows that there were 146 suspected terrorists who were successfully arrested by security forces throughout the year.

Regarding this matter, the Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo revealed that his party continues to prioritize preventive but still straight steps to be able to eliminate various kinds of potential terror attacks throughout 2023.

It turns out that the approach taken by the security forces has proven to be very successful, namely resulting in the arrest of up to 146 terrorist suspects, of which four of them have been subject to law enforcement by Operation Madago Raya 2023.

Furthermore, although many terrorist groups, including the MIT group, have been successfully crushed, operations will continue to be carried out to restore security and also ensure that the situation and conditions in society are safe and orderly.

Not only that, but the security forces have also succeeded in deradicalizing as many as 4,892 terrorist convicts (narcotics) including even their family members.

Another proof of how optimal the performance has been carried out by all levels of the security apparatus from the joint personnel of BIN, TNI and Polri is that there is a prisoner in a terrorism case (naiter) named Suherman Bin Abdul Rahman from Merauke, who in the end declared his pledge of allegiance to the Unitary State. Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Suherman has stated that he is very strongly committed to renouncing his allegiance from the amir or leader of the network of radicalism and terrorist organizations which he has been involved in and which is very contrary to the ideology of the Republic of Indonesia. He then admitted that the Republic of Indonesia was a legitimate state from an Islamic perspective and had also acknowledged the existence of the state’s basic philosophy, Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution (UUD) of the Republic of Indonesia and the existence of the motto Bhinneka Tunggak Ika, none of which contradicted at all. Islamic law.

Of course, all of these things cannot be separated from the very optimal role that has been carried out by all levels of the security apparatus from the joint personnel of BIN, TNI and Polri in deradicalization efforts. The former prisoner even stated that he was very willing to take part in coaching and deradicalization programs organized by prisons and other agencies.

By taking a sincere oath of allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia from the inside and out, of course it will be a very important part and will be able to further develop this nation in the future so that it can be free from all threats of extremism.

Of the hundreds of arrests for acts of terrorism, throughout the month of December alone or ahead of the 2024 New Year celebrations and the implementation of the General Election alone, 18 people suspected of criminal acts of terrorism have been successfully arrested by the Special Detachment 88 Anti-terror Police (Densus 88 AT Polri).

This means that there is an increase in activities or maneuvers that continue to be carried out by the terrorist group, especially during the momentum of the New Year celebrations and ahead of the 2024 elections like now, where many people are enjoying their holiday atmosphere with their families in crowded or tourist places. to the distribution of KPU logistics.

In other words, it also means that the approach and steps have been very appropriate and optimally implemented by the security forces from the joint ranks of BIN, TNI and Polri personnel because they are able to quickly detect, arrest and take firm action before various undesirable things happen.

Of course, various things that could disrupt the smooth running, order and security in society (kamtibmas) continue to be a strong concern of the security forces. BIN, TNI and Polri have a very strong commitment to being able to secure the 2024 New Year celebrations and also the implementation of democratic parties and political contestation in the election event. So far, security for the 2024 New Year celebrations and the implementation of elections from threats or potential radicalism-terrorism continues to be carried out optimally by the security apparatus from joint personnel consisting of BIN, TNI and Polri . All approaches and strategies or steps taken are also very effective, as evidenced by the many arrests and deradicalization programs which have been successful in breaking the chain of terrorism in Indonesia.

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