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Appreciation for the safe and peaceful implementation of elections


General Elections (Pemilu) are the core of the democratic system. This is a moment where citizens have the opportunity to directly elect leaders who will make the nation’s life better in order to determine the future direction of this country. The 2024 elections have been held safely and reflect the democratic maturity of a country and demonstrate the quality of a transparent and trustworthy electoral system.

Various regions report the situation and conditions at each polling place (TPS). The results of monitoring developments in the Bandung City situation were reported to Acting. The Governor of West Java, Bey Machmudin, said that of the 7,424 polling stations that had been completed in safe conditions, there were obstacles but they could be overcome quickly with officers.

Tempeh Police Chief, Iptu Syamsul Arifin, S.Pd said he thanked the officers and residents for the cooperation and trust given during the security of the 2024 Election Voting. He emphasized the commitment of the Lumajang Police, East Java Regional Police in maintaining community security and promised to continue working hard to create safe security. sustainable in the Tempeh District area. 

The first appreciation must be given to the election organizers. They are at the forefront of ensuring that elections run smoothly and safely. Starting from technical preparations such as voting and vote counting to ensuring security at polling stations, election organizers have a big responsibility that requires hard work and dedication.

Chairman of the Ulama Council (MUI) of North Sulawesi (Sulut), KH. Abd Wahab Abd Gafur, LC said that his party appreciates all security forces including the National Police, TNI, Linmas and the entire community for their cooperation in keeping the voting process running safely and peacefully and hopes that this condition will continue to be enforced until the voting ends and the state leader is appointed.

Apart from election organizers, security forces also play a key role in maintaining security during the election process. They are responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining order at polling stations as well as preventing security disturbances that could disrupt the democratization process.

Elections are an important moment in the democratic life of a country. Peaceful elections not only produce a legitimate government, but also reflect the strength of strong democracy and mature political consolidation.

The safe conduct of elections is not only an end in itself, but also an important indicator of the health of a country’s democracy. This shows political maturity, public security, as well as the quality of implementing a transparent and reliable election system. Therefore, when an election takes place without violence or other major incidents, this should be appreciated as an important achievement for all parties involved.

Likewise, the election situation in Tuban Regency is also running smoothly. Chairman of the Tuban KPU, Fatkul Iksan, SH, MH said that during the election there were several minor obstacles, but the officers were able to swiftly overcome them and find solutions to complete their duties 100 percent so that they ran safely, smoothly, orderly and under control.

By looking at the well-run election situation, the public appreciates all parties who have contributed to maintaining security and order during the election process. Starting from election organizers, security forces, election participants, to the general public, everyone plays an important role in ensuring the smoothness and security of elections.

This appreciation also refers to collective awareness of the importance of maintaining peace during the ongoing political process. When all parties understand the importance of upholding democratic principles and respecting differences of opinion, elections can run smoothly and safely.

Apart from appreciating the efforts that have been made, it is important to continue to remind people of security in the vote counting process so as not to create suspicion among the public. This was carried out by the Assistant for Government and People’s Welfare, Beny Adrian, who said that election organizers, KPPS and other officers should maintain their physical condition so that they remain healthy until the votes are counted.

The Head of the Depok City Health Office also monitored and evaluated the implementation of the East Beji Subdistrict Election. Head of the Depok City Health Office, Mary Lizawati, said that the election in East Beji subdistrict had run safely and conducively without any problems in the voting process, apart from that, election officials were maintaining their health.

The community also has a role in maintaining election security. Active participation in the election process, monitoring the voting process, and reporting suspicious incidents or potential election violations are steps that can be taken by the public to support the implementation of elections that are safe and have integrity.

By appreciating the implementation of safe elections, we can all build a better future within a strong and stable democratic framework. Success in maintaining election security can be an inspiration for other countries in strengthening their democracy. By demonstrating that elections can be peaceful and orderly, these countries can set a good example and motivate other countries to follow in their footsteps in building strong and transparent electoral systems.

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