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Appreciation of the handling of KST Papua disturbances by security forces


Security officials noted that security disturbances carried out by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST Papua) occurred 200 times throughout 2023 and resulted in casualties. The police and TNI also made a series of efforts to deal with this disturbance. This proves that the security forces continue to strive to carry out their duties to eradicate and take firm action against Papuan KST members.

Efforts made by the joint TNI and Polri in the Papua region include alerting 21,555 personnel spread across 42 police stations in Papua. Then, the security forces also created a command headquarters for 6 regional police in Papua and carried out personnel requirements. Furthermore, carrying out enforcement against KST Papua members by confiscating sharp weapons, firearms, magazines and bullets.

Security forces have succeeded in confiscating 32 firearms and 1,279 ammunition and other logistics belonging to KST Papua which are often used for acts of terror and brutal acts during 2023. These firearms are suspected to have been stolen or smuggled from abroad to KST Papua.

Head of the Papua Regional Police (Kapolda Papua), Inspector General Pol. Mathius D. Fakhiri said that the weapons found belonged to the TNI and Polri which were successfully confiscated by KST Papua. There are also weapons smuggled from abroad to supply KST Papua members.

Chief of the Indonesian Police (Kapolri), Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that joint TNI and Polri officers had seized 47 KST Papua headquarters and carried out operations by prioritizing approaches to Papuan religious and traditional leaders and consistently conducting dialogue with the community. Apart from that, his party also said that the joint forces had helped recover from community trauma and repaired public facilities after the attack carried out by KST Papua.

Currently, KST Papua is again making the TNI sad. For the umpteenth time, KST Papua lost the life of an Indonesian soldier named Sertu Afriadi. The victim died when he was shot by KST Papua in Taganombak District, Kab. Puncak Jaya, Papua Mountains, and his body is in the process of being evacuated to Mulia, the capital of the district. Puncak Jaya. Knowing this, Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP Fredrickus WA Maclarimboen said that as many as 200 joint personnel were assigned to secure the area so that the security situation could recover.

It is estimated that in 2024, KST Papua will still be a serious threat to the stability of social security and order in Papua. This was marked by attacks carried out by KST Papua against TNI members in early 2024 as well as hundreds of other acts of terror carried out throughout 2023. These brutal acts have caused dozens of civilians and security forces to die, as well as many cases of destruction of public facilities in Papua. . Therefore, his party asked all parties, both joint forces and civil society, to work together to increase awareness and eradicate KST Papua.

Meanwhile, joint security forces have also succeeded in eradicating and shooting dead dozens of Papuan KST members. Head of Operations of the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Police Commissioner. Faizal Ramadhani said that the public and security forces should not be provoked by the cruel actions carried out by KST Papua, but should remain vigilant and ensure that potential threats from KST Papua do not happen again. He added that the TNI-Polri continue to take law enforcement steps and are not discouraged from arresting KST Papua members, including networks from groups that are at odds with the ideology of the Republic of Indonesia.

As is known, from year to year the terror carried out by KST Papua has become increasingly brutal and has become a source of conflict that must be eradicated. Their existence has made people anxious and they continue to live their lives full of fear. The violence and massacres carried out by KST Papua must be combated. The joint security forces must not stop pursuing and eradicating KST Papua members.

On the other hand, the community must play a role in eradicating KST Papua which always creates chaos by carrying out various acts of terror against innocent civilians in Bumi Cendrawasih. The community must strengthen its support, even synergize with the security forces in protecting security and social order from attacks by Papuan KST members.

Thus, it is very necessary to collaborate between security forces and the community to eradicate KST Papua by increasing vigilance and tightening security in the Papua region so that in the future the Papuan people can return to their activities in peace without being haunted by KST Papua terror acts. The lives of Papuans will be safer, more peaceful and peaceful because there will be no disruption to the national security and security services that have been carried out by KST Papua.

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