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Beware of demonstrations against elections driven by interest groups


In the post-General Election (Pemilu) atmosphere which determines the political direction and leadership of a country, waves of demonstrations often become an inseparable part of socio-political dynamics. However, amidst this freedom of expression, it is necessary to be wary of the potential for demonstrations to be used as a tool to exploit political tensions by certain groups.

Especially, in the context of rejection of the election results, protest actions which should be a channel for people’s aspirations can be intervened and exploited by parties/interest groups with hidden agendas, endangering the stability and unity of the nation.

Therefore, it is important to respond wisely and emphasize the importance of resolving political disputes through applicable legal channels, maintaining security and prioritizing dialogue as a path to a peaceful solution.

The demonstration that was held on March 1 2024 has raised concerns that irresponsible parties are playing along and trying to take advantage of the situation for the interests of certain groups.

The demonstration, which was supposed to be a forum for citizens to voice their aspirations, was considered to have disrupted the ongoing recapitulation process of the General Election (Pemilu) votes. Efforts to reject the election results through demonstrations are considered unproductive and have the potential to worsen the atmosphere.

In response to this, it is important for all elements of society to understand that the state has provided a legal mechanism that can be used to resolve disputes related to election results, namely the Constitutional Court (MK).

By bringing concrete evidence of alleged fraud to the Constitutional Court, this not only avoids potential riots, but also confirms the commitment to uphold democratic principles and the applicable rule of law.

In this context, it is also important to consider the social and political impact of demonstrations. Executive Director of Political Parameters, Adi Prayitno, emphasized that every demonstration is vulnerable to being exploited by certain parties for political and group interests. Sometimes, behind the demands voiced, there is hidden the agenda of certain groups who want to take advantage of the situation.

A phenomenon like this is a warning to the public not to be provoked by issues that are not necessarily valid, especially in the digital era where information can easily spread without adequate verification. Hoaxes and provocations spread through social media can muddy the waters and trigger unwanted conflicts.

Before deciding to take to the streets in the form of a demonstration, it is important for each individual to consider the implications of such actions for the stability and unity of the nation. Considering the fragile situation, the security forces have also made preparations to secure the course of the demonstration while still prioritizing a persuasive and humanist approach.

Central Jakarta Police Chief, Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro, emphasized the importance of maintaining security and order during demonstrations. With preparedness, the security forces are trying to ensure that the demonstration can take place safely, orderly and conducively. The public is also asked to continue to prioritize dialogue and negotiation as a means of resolving differences of opinion.

Apart from that, it also needs to be understood that the democratic process does not end with the end of the election. After the election, all parties, both winners and losers, need to unite again to build this nation together.

In this context, it is important for winners to respect minority rights and strive to fight for the interests of all people, not just a few groups.

Accepting election decisions gracefully is a very important attitude in maintaining the political and social stability of a country. In this way, common interests can be prioritized and the development process can run smoothly. Democracy is not only about the right to express one’s opinion, but also about the readiness to accept the results.

Along with the development of information technology, the spread of hoaxes and fake news has become a serious threat to social and political stability. Therefore, it is important for each individual to be more critical in assessing the information received and attempt to verify the truth of the information before disseminating it further.

In facing the challenges after the 2024 General Election, a wise attitude and awareness of the importance of national unity are the main keys in maintaining the stability and progress of the country. Even though there are differences in political opinion, we as citizens must remain united and maintain the integrity of the nation.

There will always be mechanisms provided by the state to resolve political disputes, and prioritizing dialogue and justice is a wiser step than taking to the streets in demonstrations.

Thus, let’s work together to build a better Indonesia, while still respecting the principles of democracy and the supremacy of law as the main foundation in carrying out national and state life.

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