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Beware of Police Hoaxes Entering Places of Worship in West Sumatera


All parties should be able to increase their own self-awareness, especially when counteracting the issue of fake news or hoaxes which are very easily spread on social media in the current era. One of them is regarding hoaxes regarding police who reportedly entered a mosque in West Sumatra wearing footwear (shoes) and arrested demonstrators, even though all of this news is not true.

A video has circulated showing how a number of police officers are said to have entered a room in the mosque wearing shoes. Then, from the narrative circulating widely in the community, that the police were carrying out security for a demonstration by residents from Nagari in Air Bangis Village, West Pasaman Regency at Masjid Raya, West Sumatra Province (West Sumatra).

In the circulating video, a number of residents can be seen sitting in one of the rooms (hall), where there is indeed a floor mat similar to the red prayer rug that is usually used in mosques in general. Then when the police entered, residents were seen scattering out.

Still in the widely circulated video, it is then framed by a number of irresponsible parties. In the video, a number of police can be seen entering wearing shoes and trampling the floor mats and asking residents to get out of the room, with one of the police holding a baton.

Regarding the existence of the video, the Head of the West Sumatra Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Suharyono, who was accompanied by the administrator of the Great Mosque of West Sumatra, Yuzadi Ma’ad, explained that the room that went viral on social media was not a mosque, but rather a mosque. hall which is used by the general public.

Yuzardi firmly and clearly stated that even though there was indeed a floor mat like a red prayer mat there, it was not a room for prayer, but a hall which was indeed located on the ground floor of the mosque.

The red carpet, as seen in the video, has also been added with misleading framing, it turns out that the carpet there is a former sleeping pad and is not a prayer rug used for prayer or worship.

The hall, which is located on the ground floor of the mosque, was intended as a resting place for participants in the demonstration, residents from Nagari, Air Bangis Village, in West Pasaman Regency. The management of the West Sumatra Grand Mosque admitted that he felt very compelled to be able to directly provide an explanation of how the situation actually happened so that there would no longer be more widespread slander to the public. Even when the incident took place, Yuzardi was at the location so he knew exactly what the actual situation was like at that time.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police Suharyono explained that his party had repatriated Pigogah Nagari Air Bangis residents who had been holding demonstrations in Padang City for 6 (six) days and no one had been arrested at all from the incident. According to him, the whole series of demonstration activities took place safely and under control, all the people who were sleeping and staying temporarily at the Grand Mosque had all been sent home, even escorted by the Highway Patrol (PJR), Mobile Brigade (Brimob) and Samapta and security forces as well. ensuring conducive conditions to West Pasaman.

Social Media Observer from Komunikonten, Hariqo Satria stated that the hoax issue which has become viral in society is indeed the responsibility of the account owner himself (uploader). It is very clear that by spreading fake news, uploaders have absolutely no and do not heed any moral responsibility for what they upload even though it has a significant impact on society. Satria admits that he is very concerned about the way society uses social media today.

The amount of news or issues circulating in society, especially in the era of information disclosure as it is today, the use of social media is very free to be accessed by anyone without good filtering. Lie.

The spread of fake news or hoaxes is currently very easy to do widely and is increasingly open in digital space and social media. Communities are demanded to be much more able to increase their own self-awareness so that they are not easily provoked just like that, and check or check the validity of the information they receive. The most obvious example is the issue of hoaxes regarding the police who entered the mosque wearing shoes and arrested demonstrators in West Sumatra.

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