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Beware of Radicalism and the Spread of Hoaxes Ahead of the Election, the Role of Religious Figures is Necessary


To continue making efforts to prevent the entry and development of radicalism in Indonesia, it is very necessary to be active in continuing to get closer to community leaders, religious leaders and all members of society. This was done by the Tingkir Lor Bhabinkamtibmas, Salatiga Police, Aiptu Sutarjo, who carried out a friendly relationship with the Takmir of the Nurussalam Dukuh Mosque, Tingkir Lor Village.

All parties must work together to continue to prevent the potential for radicalism to develop. It is very important to be able to prevent all radical understandings as well as various issues and hoaxes that can divide religious harmony and the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

So that harmony and harmony can be realized both between citizens and between religious communities in order to create a safe and conducive situation ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections and also be able to continue to maintain Indonesia as a country that can continue to uphold its sense of tolerance.

Ustadz Munjamil as Chair of the Mosque Takmir welcomed the friendly meeting held by Bhabinkamtibmas Tingkir Lor very well, apart from being a concrete form of efforts to maintain closeness with all residents, it was also a form of concern for continuing to maintain a safe and conducive environment.

The Head of the Salatga Resort Police (Kapolres), Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Ayuni Novitasari expressed his gratitude to all ranks who have been very active in carrying out dialogue and friendship with residents in order to respond to the development of radicalism and intolerance and also to be able to create a safe and conducive area, especially in facing the 2024 elections.

It cannot be denied that religious figures and community leaders have a very important role in continuing to prevent the spread of intolerance, radicalism and even terrorism. Therefore, strengthening Indonesia’s national insight into all elements is also something that must be able to be implemented.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Jepara, Dian Kristiandi, explained that understanding national insight and nationalism will be the main capital in preventing radicalism and terrorism, so that society must be able to instill it, especially in the nation’s next generation of youth such as the millennial generation and Gen Z.

What all parties can strive for is to continue carrying out the process of strengthening the sense of unity and oneness between citizens. Technological advances also present various kinds of challenges for nationalities which can arise in various dimensions.

Therefore, when dealing with technological advances such as the massive use of social media and digital space in the current era, society must also be able to prioritize clarification and not easily believe news whose truth may not be clear.

Likewise, Head of the National Unity and Politics Agency (Bakesbangpol) for Central Java (Jateng) Province, Haerudin, said that understanding national insight is indeed a very important thing. This will enable tolerance to continue to be maintained and grown in all circles, including among religious communities. The Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) and also religious leaders are expected to be able to be at the forefront in defending the country from all bad influences such as radicalism, terrorism and intolerance.

There must be efforts to continue to strengthen harmony and unity among religious leaders, especially ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming 2024 election. Because if religious leaders sit together, it is clear that there will be many things that can be realized together. Because these figures are role models and enlighteners for the people.

Not only religious leaders, but the youth of the next generation of the nation should also play a very active role in helping to realize a democratic party in a peaceful, polite manner and also away from the use of identity politics by playing on issues of ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group (SARA). ). The role of religious figures when they are among the people or society in the country is very important. Because this is able to encourage citizens to continue to increase their vigilance, especially in matters of fighting radicalism and also the spread of fake news or hoaxes ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections.

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