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Beware of the Spread of Hoaxes After the 2024 Election



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Beware of the Spread of Hoaxes After the 2024 Election

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General elections (Pemilu) are an important moment in the democratic life of a country. However, after the elections take place, tensions and potential conflicts often arise which can threaten security and stability. This is not desirable, especially in the context of the 2024 elections in Indonesia, where the public needs to ensure that the post-election process runs peacefully and orderly.

The spread of hoaxes or false information has become a serious threat in the current digital era. In the post-2024 election context, hoaxes can easily trigger chaos and muddy the political atmosphere. Misinformation about election results, lies about government performance, or false accusations against candidates can create tensions among communities.

Apart from hoaxes, provocation is also a serious post-election threat. Groups or individuals who are dissatisfied with the election results may try to take advantage of the situation to incite public emotions and trigger riots. Provocation can be carried out through provocative speeches, the use of social media to spread divisive narratives, or even direct acts of violence.

This provocation could trigger social conflict that is dangerous and difficult to suppress. When people are divided and influenced by emotions, they are vulnerable to manipulation and can carry out actions that are detrimental to themselves and others. Therefore, it is important for the public to be aware of attempts at provocation and remain calm and wise in responding to post-election situations. Political debates due to differences in choices that are still in the context of politeness will prevent society from the negative impact of elections, namely excessive social division.

One of the most detrimental impacts of hoaxes is dividing society. When incorrect information is widespread, people tend to believe it without conducting adequate verification. This can cause polarization and conflict between groups of society, which ultimately threatens national unity and solidarity.

The Young Front for Guards of Democracy (BMPD) held a Peaceful Action at the Horse Statue, Gambir, Central Jakarta, with the aim of voicing the importance of maintaining order and peace after the elections. Action Coordinator Richard emphasized the need for support from all parties so that the election can take place safely, orderly and smoothly. He also reminded that mutual respect and tolerance must be maintained, especially for those who lose in democratic contestations.

When the quick count results show a winner, it is important for supporters of that winner not to celebrate excessively. Likewise, for those who lose, they need a big heart and the ability to accept the results with relief. More than that, BMPD also invites parties who are dissatisfied with the election results to take applicable legal channels, such as the Constitutional Court (MK), as a democratic and constitutional step.

However, in the context of a society that is widely connected through social media, new challenges emerge. Provocation and spread of hoaxes can quickly trigger conflict and violence. Therefore, the Indonesian Reform Activist Network (JARI) 98, through its Presidium Chair, Willy Prakarsa, emphasized that winning or losing in democratic contestation is a normal thing, and does not need to be dramatized.

Willy Prakarsa suggests that parties who are dissatisfied with the election results should do introspection and self-evaluation, as well as improve things that need to be improved for the next contestation. He emphasized that spreading hoaxes and provocations would only worsen the situation, without providing constructive solutions. After this election, the whole community will be reunited, so that there will be no divisions. Society can respond to differences in political choices with enthusiasm.

One effective way to fight the spread of hoaxes and provocations is to increase digital and critical literacy among the public. This includes the ability to verify information, recognize trustworthy sources, and identify signs of hoaxes or provocations. Education about media and digital literacy should be an integral part of educational curricula in schools, and training programs should be available to the general public.

Apart from that, it is important for the public to always seek information from trusted and verified sources. Before sharing information, be sure to check its correctness and reliability. Sharing false information will only make the situation worse and potentially harm others.

An attitude of relief is needed in facing elections, because this is an agreed system in administering the state, there should be no hostility resulting from differences in political views, differences are normal and can be addressed wisely.

After the 2024 elections, society is faced with new challenges in the form of the spread of hoaxes and provocations. To maintain social peace and stability, vigilance and real action are needed from all parties. By increasing digital literacy, encouraging dialogue and tolerance, and taking appropriate preventive steps, we can fight the threat of hoaxes and provocations, and strengthen the solid foundations of democracy for a better future.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the post-election process runs peacefully and orderly. Respect for democratic processes and legal institutions is key to creating a stable and prosperous society. Let’s together reject provocation and maintain peace for a better future for the nation and state.

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