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Beware that the March 1 demonstration will disrupt the recapitulation of votes for the 2024 election


By: Gema Iva Kirana *)

The existence of a demonstration or demonstration on March 1 2024 is clearly an action that has great potential and is prone to being carried out by irresponsible parties and they only want to divide this nation. Moreover, this action also further disrupted the ongoing General Election vote recapitulation process.

There is news that a group of Alumni of the University of Indonesia (UI) Change will hold a demonstration or demonstration on Friday, March 1 2024 in front of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI).

They took this action to reject any indication of fraud that occurred during the implementation of the 2024 democratic party and political contestation. Of course, this is very unfortunate, because in fact the country itself also has its own mechanism for parties who are still not satisfied with the election results.

Instead of carrying out demonstrations which will actually be increasingly vulnerable to being controlled by irresponsible parties and dividing the unity and unity of the nation, as well as having the potential to increase riots in public places, it would actually be better if those who were dissatisfied with the results of the General Election brought evidence of fraud. what is alleged is the legal route that applies in Indonesia, namely through the mechanism of the Constitutional Court (MK).

So when they take it to legal channels that have been facilitated by the state, it will also minimize the possibility of riots and the possibility of undesirable things happening.

Moreover, if they take advantage of the Constitutional Court’s facilities, it also indicates that they are good citizens because they obey the constitution in force in this country, and also indicates that the democratic party is running well in accordance with its essence.

However, if it turns out that calls for demonstrations continue to be made, especially as they also spread many rumors and provocations or fake news (hoaxes), it actually indicates that they are parties who do not understand the basic essence of democracy in this country.

Democracy itself will truly be able to be upheld if after the election is held, all parties including those who took part in the contest, the success teams (Timses) and their supporters are able to accept sincerely and gracefully whatever and however the final result is.

When each party is able to accept all the consequences of the contest, namely that there will definitely be losers and winners, then they should not only be prepared to win, but also be able to be prepared to lose. When people have confidence that the government is democratically elected, they will be more inclined to support the policies implemented, including economic policies. Democratically elected leadership also tends to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of society, which in turn can encourage inclusive economic growth.

Then, after accepting this reality, the next task is how to re-establish national unity and reconciliation in order to build this nation together for the good of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The Executive Director of Political Parameters, Adi Prayitno, said that in every demonstration or demonstration that is carried out, it is clear that it will be very vulnerable to someone riding on it.

These observers strongly believe that behind every demonstration of any demand, there must be a party who is riding only for the sake of themselves and their group, but they seem to be disguised behind the names of a number of the masses and as if the demand is a demand from the majority of society.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for many demonstrations to be characterized by the emergence of acts of anarchism, including attempts to invite the masses to delegitimize the legitimate government. In fact, it is not uncommon for some of the masses who take part in the movement to actually not know the essence of what they are demanding because they are just following along.

In fact, all people in Indonesia certainly really want the process of recapitulating the 2024 election results to be able to take place smoothly and well without the slightest obstacles. However, in fact, when there are still parties who carry out demonstrations, they do not support the recapitulation process, but instead only hinder it.

This happened during the plenary meeting to recapitulate the vote count for the 2024 election in Kuningan Regency which was marked by demonstrations. A number of people demanded that the recapitulation process be postponed until the issue of election violations could be resolved. In the end, the recapitulation process, which should have been able to run smoothly without interruption, actually became increasingly disrupted and the election organizers were unable to focus on providing their best service.

The March 1 2024 demonstration is a demonstration that is very vulnerable to being manipulated by irresponsible parties just for the sake of their interests and those of their groups. Apart from that, the demonstration did not actually cool the post-election atmosphere, but instead disrupted the vote recapitulation process.

*) Persada Institute contributor

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