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BIN Presents AMANAH Program to Optimize Empowerment of Acehnese Youth


In order to optimize the activities of young people in Aceh, the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) initiated the Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) program. This program is a strong commitment shown by the institution led by Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan in order to empower the young generation of Aceh to face a brighter future.

BIN has a very strong commitment to providing real support to young people, by presenting and facilitating various youth activities in Aceh through the AMANAH program.

Chancellor of IAIN Takengon Prof. Dr. Zulkarnain, M.Ag on one occasion said that the AMANAH program initiated by BIN would act as a gathering place for creative industry MSMEs and youth in improving the business and economic ecosystem in Aceh Province.

Prof. Dr. Zulkarnain, M.Ag, who was recently inaugurated as a Professor in the field of Philosophy of Islamic Education, also appreciated the AMANAH Institute as a creative hub which provides facilities for MSME players to build business networks and strengthen their business entities so that they can develop further.

The implementation of the AMANAH Program itself is a form of support for all young people’s activities, including the development of their talents and interests as well as creativity and innovation. The AMANAH program will be a meeting space, learning space as well as a space to further build collaboration between various stakeholders to jointly grow a creative, competitive and sustainable social innovation ecosystem.

In the future, Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus, where the majority of its population will be those of productive age. This can be addressed in two ways, namely seeing it as a challenge, or actually making it a great opportunity to further accelerate the rate of growth. In order to make and utilize the demographic bonus as an accelerator for the rate of growth, the role of young people becomes very important and they become a big force to accelerate change and growth in society through social innovation.

There are three important pillars that support social innovation, namely entrepreneurship, cultural preservation and the use of digital technology. All of them will also be able to have a social impact on society. Young people and various other groups are actually able to be involved in efforts to create opportunities for change through social innovation and are also able to realize prosperity through various organic efforts that are born directly from society, so there is no longer a need to just wait for top down programs. .

So far, it is possible that many creative ideas have been born by young people in Aceh on a micro scale, but they have not had many opportunities to be widely exposed so these ideas cannot be demonstrated and developed further. Therefore, BIN then initiated the AMANAH program which was able to become a means and forum for these young people to channel all their ideas and aspirations which would clearly have a very positive impact on society.

The implementation of the AMANAH program is very important to shape and maximize the activities of young people at the Veranda of Mecca. Therefore, great appreciation should be given to BIN as the implementing party of the AMANAH program as a form of providing full support and real facilities to support the development of youth innovation. One of the appreciations came from the Chair of Creative Aceh, Delky Nofrizal Qutni, who said that he highly appreciated the efforts of the code intelligence agency.

With the AMANAH program which is being intensified by BIN, young people in Aceh who actually have a lot of creativity and innovation values ​​are facilitating their great interest in various sectors such as fashion, creative industries, animal husbandry, fisheries and so on. Providing facilities and full support for all interests, creative talents and innovations possessed by the young generation of the nation’s successors in Aceh is a very important thing to do.

This is because, if all the activities of young people from Rencong Country receive adequate and appropriate facilities, then it is not impossible that it will really help and support them in competing in the current era, even on the world stage, not just on the national stage.

Special Staff III to the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Arya Sinulingga, said that the younger generation must have passion in their career, because without passion in their work, everything they do will not be able to have a real and maximum impact on society.

All young people in Indonesia are currently faced with a position of very competitive global competition. So they all need to be equipped with education that has character and is able to develop the ability to adapt well and create innovation guided by the values ​​in the state’s basic philosophy, namely Pancasila.

To make all these things happen, BIN strives to provide facilities to maximize all activities of young people in Aceh through the AMANAH program. Therefore, the participation of all young people and the people of Aceh is needed in making this program a success.

)* The author is a student at STKIP An-Nur Nanggroe Aceh.

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