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BIN’s PYCH Continues to Advance, Hngateri Brings Papuan Culture to the International


 Jakarta – Papuan young people from the Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) which is coached by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) continue to make brilliant achievements on the national and international stage. This time, the Hngateri arts group from PYCH will bring the richness of Papuan culture to the international stage in the Netherlands.

Secretary General of PYCH, Frianapatri Meilaine Osok said, Hngateri will appear at the 2024 Cenderawasih Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, next Saturday (27/4/2024). This event was invited by the Missiemuseum Steyl, Amsterdam.

“We are very enthusiastic about sharing our cultural riches with the world and we believe that through art, we can convey important messages to audiences around the world,” said Frianapatri in his statement to journalists, on Tuesday (9/4/2024).

According to him, Hngateri will present a work with the theme ‘Bird Of Paradise’ to convey a message about the importance of protecting nature and the cultural diversity of Papua.

The work that will be displayed by the art group Hngateri has the theme ‘Bird Of Paradise’. It will depict the movement of the Bird of Paradise, which is a symbol of pride for the Papuan people.

Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence at BIN, who is also the supervisor of PYCH, Made Kartikajaya, participated in making the appearance of Hngateri a success.

Made Kartikajaya helped arrange visas for the entire PYCH delegation team who were leaving for the Netherlands, and actively coordinated with the Ministry of Education and Culture to become the main sponsor in the series of PYCH cultural performances in the Netherlands.

Made Kartikajaya also continues to consolidate with the departing PYCH delegation, to finalize various preparations for content and products that will be displayed on cultural stages in the Netherlands.

With burning enthusiasm and strong determination, Hngateri is ready to bring Papuan culture to the international stage in the Netherlands. They are not just an arts group, but also ambassadors of Papuan culture who bring hope and inspiration to the world.

Various Activities in the Netherlands

Not only appearing at the Cenderawasih Festival, Hngateri is also scheduled to display their work on several other cultural stages in the Netherlands, including Hngateri is also scheduled to appear on the Vogels Van God stage (International Cultural Stage) on April 28 2024; Cultural Performance in Maastricht with the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) on 3 May 2024.

Then at a Gala Dinner with the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague on May 4 2024; Eastern Indonesian Cultural Performance in Amsterdam on May 5 2024, and Cultural Performance at the Amsterdam Theater Building on May 7 2024.

PYCH Keeps Moving Forward 

PYCH young people assisted by BIN under the leadership of Head of BIN Budi Gunawan, have successfully performed on various stages both at national and international levels. They have made achievements in various countries, such as Italy and the United States, by bringing with them the richness of Papuan culture through various activities.

PYCH has received wide appreciation from various groups, including President Joko Widodo. PYCH’s long journey in developing Human Resources (HR) in Papua has also received great support from various ministries and institutions in Indonesia.

With this support, they continue to inspire the young generation of Papua to work and achieve at the national and international level.

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