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Collaboration with AIPF Concrete Evidence of ASEAN as a World Growth Center


Jakarta – President Joko Widodo officially opened the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific
Forum (AIPF) in Jakarta on Tuesday, 5 September 2023, and praised the inaugural regional event as a real implementation of the ASEAN outlook on Indo-Pacific (AOIP) as well as efforts to strengthen ASEAN as a world growth center

“We are honored to welcome you to the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific Forum,” said Jokowi when welcoming guests consisting of leaders of ten ASEAN member countries and representatives from other regional countries.
ASEAN outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP) views the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, not only as adjacent territorial spaces but as integrated and closely interconnected regions, where ASEAN plays a central and strategic role in dialogue and cooperation. and placing importance on maritime domains and perspectives in emerging regional architecture.

The non-ASEAN countries that attended the opening ceremony were China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Timor Leste, India, UK and New Zealand.
The forum, which is the flagship event at the ASEAN and East Asia Summit, will last for two days until Wednesday at the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. This event was held after the Covid-19 pandemic which had a negative impact on the global economy.

“In the midst of the weakening world economy, the ASEAN economy has proven to be resilient and continues to grow beyond global economic growth in other regions,” he said.
This region has a population of 680 million people, which is one of the factors that makes it a huge potential market with promising investment opportunities

However, the President acknowledged that this region has faced various
global challenges, including geopolitical competition, especially potential conflicts in the Indo-Pacific region.
“Therefore, the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific Forum is here to turn competition in the Indo-Pacific into fruitful cooperation,” said the president.

“Through this Forum, we build the habit of working together with a win-win formula without anyone
feeling left out,” added President Widodo.

The AIPF meeting discussed three main agendas, which were based on a
forward-looking spirit of cooperation to lay a strong foundation for future economic growth.

The agenda is green infrastructure and resilient supply chains;
sustainable and innovative financing; and digital transformation and the creative economy.
He appreciated ASEAN countries and their partners for their support and contribution to the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific Forum which has resulted in 93 cooperation projects worth US$38.2 billion and 73 potential projects worth US$17.8 billion.

“This reflects our commitment, namely walking the talk. “To build
a peaceful, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific, ASEAN will continue to collaborate openly and establish inclusive cooperation while strengthening strategic trust in the IndoPacific,” he said.

Indonesia ensures that the three main pillars of its chairmanship in ASEAN 2023 will become concrete results and can be implemented by each member country in the long term.

Indonesia encourages ASEAN to continue to be the motor of stability and peace in the region and the world. Full appreciation is shown for Indonesia’s success in the 2023 ASEAN chairmanship.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi said Indonesia’s success at the ASEAN Summit was the foundation for preparing for various challenges that ASEAN would face in the future.

“Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN will be used to lay a strong foundation for the long-term vision of ASEAN post-2025. This is important to do to prepare ASEAN to face long-term challenges. This is where it is necessary to strengthen capacity and institutions so that ASEAN is more agile,” said Retno.

While assuming the Chair of ASEAN 2023, Indonesia will lead ASEAN countries in contributing and providing positive solutions for the world amidst the challenging global situation, especially in the economic sector.

The successful implementation of the 2023 ASEAN Summit in Indonesia is the result of the hard work of stakeholders in Ministries/Agencies and all parties involved.

As is well known, there are three main pillars in the Indonesian chairmanship theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth. The first pillar is ASEAN Matters, where ASEAN is able to face various challenges and then becomes a motor for maintaining world stability and peace.

“This is where ASEAN needs to set a long-term vision and strengthen its capacity and institutions,” said the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The second pillar, Epicentrum of Growth, shows that ASEAN is capable of becoming a driver of the regional and world economy.

“So we hope that Southeast Asia can continue to be the center of economic growth, especially being able to face external shocks,” he continued.

The third pillar is related to the Implementation of the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP). Retno emphasized that ASEAN’s approach is consistent, wanting to build concrete and open cooperation with all countries to make the Indo Pacific a peaceful and prosperous region.

“This is very important considering the increasingly sharp rivalries in the Indo-Pacific region,” he concluded.

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