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Community Condemns Violence KST Papua Attacks Security Forces


Violence committed by Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) in Papua has become a serious threat to Indonesia’s security and sovereignty. The acts of violence they carry out not only harm the state, but also tarnish human dignity and disturb the peace of the peace-loving Papuan people.

KST Papua continuously carries out acts of violence, including attacks on security forces and innocent civilians. One of the most recent examples is the attack which resulted in the death of two police officers, namely Bripda Arnaldobert Yawan and Bripda Sandi Defrit Sayuri.

Two police officers died in the attack carried out by KST in Paniai. Two police officers, Bripda Arnaldobert Yawan and Bripda Sandi Defrit Sayuri, lost their lives while carrying out security duties around helipad 99, near the Ndeotadi 99 Police post in Baya Biru District, Paniai Regency. The perpetrators, led by Aibon Kogoya, also managed to seize two AK-47 firearms belonging to the victim. The attack drew criticism from Papuan Indigenous Youth and the victim’s family.

The General Chair of the Papuan Indigenous Youth, Yan Christian Arebo, criticized KST’s actions as beyond the bounds of humanity. According to him, the victims, who were native Papuans, died while on duty, not in law enforcement efforts against what he called terrorists. Meanwhile, the victim’s family demanded that the two police officers be given a posthumous promotion because they died while carrying out their security duties.

Previously it was reported that Ndeotadi Police Post 99 in Baya Biru District, Paniai Regency, was attacked by KST under the leadership of Aibon Kogoya on Wednesday (20/3/2024) at 08.00 WIT. The perpetrators, according to TPNPB spokesman Sebby Sambom, claimed responsibility for the attack. They also urged the Indonesian government to close gold mining activities in Bayabiru, Paniai, because they considered it to have a negative impact on customary forests, and the deployment of military troops must be stopped.

Another tragic incident was also experienced by a Marine soldier from the Indonesian Navy, Sertu Mar Ismunandar, who was shot dead by KST in Muara District, Puncak Jaya Regency. This incident shook the entire country, exposing the risks faced by soldiers fighting to protect the country’s sovereignty and security.

The TNI Commander, General Agus Subiyanto, through the Head of the Information Center (Kapuspen) Major General TNI Nugraha Gumilar, expressed his deep condolences for the death of Sertu Ismunandar. Gumilar also explained that Serka Salim, Ismunandar’s colleague, was also a target in this attack. Serka Salim, although wounded, managed to survive and respond to the attack.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Marine Corps (Dankormar) Maj. Gen. TNI (Mar) Endi Supardi, accompanied by the Chairman of the Marine Corps Jalasenastri Joint Committee, Mrs. Nana Endi Supardi, came down directly to pay his last respects to the deceased. Visiting Marine Sergeant Ismunandar’s funeral home in the Denjaka complex, Cilandak, South Jakarta, they provided support and solidarity to the bereaved family.

This incident reminds us of the dangers faced by soldiers in carrying out their duties to protect the country’s sovereignty. They are heroes who never give up, ready to sacrifice everything for the security and safety of the nation. The death of the security forces against the state’s enemies will always be remembered, and will become a spirit in realizing a peaceful Indonesia.

KST Papua’s actions not only threaten security and stability in the Papua region, but also pose a threat to the unity and unity of the Indonesian nation as a whole. Therefore, firm action must be taken by the government to eradicate this group and maintain state sovereignty.

The government and security forces must increase efforts in dealing with and eradicating KST Papua. Effective security measures need to be implemented to tackle the threat posed by these armed groups. Law enforcement must be carried out firmly and fairly against perpetrators of violence, without discrimination.

Apart from that, it is important for the government to continue to strengthen dialogue and communication with the Papuan people, to resolve the problems underlying the conflict in the region. Long-term solutions involving the active participation of the Papuan people must be sought to achieve sustainable peace.

In this context, it is important for all parties, including the government, society and Papuan figures, to unite and reject all forms of violence committed by KST Papua. All parties must work together to maintain Indonesia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as ensuring security and prosperity for all Indonesian people, including in Papua.

We as a nation must take a firm stance towards KST Papua and emphasize that violence will never be accepted in the struggle towards a peaceful, just and prosperous Indonesia. It is time to stand together, condemn violence, and fight for sustainable peace in Papua and throughout Indonesia.

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