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Community welfare also increases with the development of the Rempang area


The welfare of all people in the Riau Islands has also increased with the development of the Rempang Area into an Eco City. Because this will also bring in a lot of investment from various parts of the world, so that job opportunities will be opened up very widely for local residents and they will be able to get work or additional income.

Minister of Investment and also Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BPKM) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Bahlil Lahadalia again discussed how to develop the Rempang Area in Batam City. Located at the Marriot Hotel, he assured all parties that investment on Rempang Island would clearly have a very positive impact on the welfare of all local communities.

Optimism continues to come from many parties because Rempang will soon become a new economic engine for this nation and will also increase economic growth in the region in the future. Because it is clear that the implementation of the development of the Rempang area will also be accompanied by the creation of many job opportunities, which will result in the surrounding community having an increased income.

So far, the steps taken by the Batam Free Trade Zone and Free Port (BP) Management Agency have used a very humanist approach to all communities in Rempang. Especially when conducting outreach and also collecting data on residents affected by the development project.

One of the keys to success and success is good and humanistic communication, because this is much more important in efforts to accelerate investment on Rempang Island. As for investment itself, until now Indonesia continues to strive to be able to compete with all foreign countries.

Apart from that, the Minister of Investment and Head of BPKM also explained that all residents on Rempang Island will receive compensation that is very fair and appropriate to the assets they have owned so far. Residents will receive all compensation money calculated from various kinds of rights that have previously been determined and will be given to residents directly by the Indonesian Government.

Some of the compensation rights referred to are 500 square meters of land which is complete with rights base, then there is also a type 45 house for IDR 120 million, plus additional waiting money for the transition until the house becomes IDR 1.2 million per person. and there is house rent of IDR 1.2 million.

In the process of calculating all compensation, the Public Appraisal Services Office (KJPP) will also assist, if there are residents whose rights already exist and the building is really good and not type 45. The building is good, but for example the house is valued at IDR 350 million , then it will then be checked by KJPP and the difference will be settled by BP Batam.

It doesn’t stop there, but several other things as compensation and included in the calculation are cages, plants, canoes and all of them will be valued proportionally according to the mechanism and basis of the calculations carried out. The government also really appreciates the people who have been there for generations.

Moreover, as Head of BKPM, Bahlil then emphasized that he fully supports all handling processes carried out in the Rempang case so that they can be carried out without the slightest violence. Therefore, good and appropriate communication should continue to be carried out and become the main approach.

Meanwhile, the Head of BP Batam, through the Head of the Promotion, Public Relations (Humas) and Protocol Bureau, Ariastuty Sirait, revealed that his party fully supports the government’s program. Likewise, they are also very optimistic that the development of Rempang will create a new economic engine in Indonesia, and this can be realized well.

Of course, this is not without reason, because with the development of the Rempang area, it will have a multiplier effect on many parties such as the surrounding cities or regencies, then the existence of the Rempang Eco City project will also open up more opportunities for stone work for all people in the Riau Islands, the main thing is communities around the industrial area.

Furthermore, the Head of BP Batam through the Member for Area Management and Investment, Sudirman Saad, emphasized that efforts to take a humanist approach are currently being carried out and have been carried out since door-to-door socialization directly to residents’ homes was first carried out.

It is very clear that with the development of the Rempang area in the Eco City project which was initiated by the Indonesian Government and is able to bring in a lot of investment from various parties in the world, it will help improve the welfare of the entire local community because it is able to open up large employment opportunities, so that the residents themselves have the opportunity to to get increased income.

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