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Condemning KST Provocation Triggers Anarchist Demonstrations in Papua


The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) carried out a number of provocations which then triggered the birth of anarchism during one of the demonstrations or rallies in Papua. Because of this provocation, the situation at the location of the incident became very uncontrollable so that chaos occurred and was even very detrimental to civilians.

So far, the separatist gang from Bumi Cenderawasih has continued to cause unrest through their actions. Not only because of the active actions they carry out such as killings or destroying public facilities, but the provocations from KST Papua also often cause riots to occur and often even lead to anarchy.

This is because the main aim of the separatist and terrorist groups is to continue to destroy the unity and unity of this nation. They are willing to do anything so that the stability of the country’s security can be disturbed, thereby creating terrifying terror everywhere and it is not uncommon for these provocations to be very detrimental to all parties, especially the civil society of indigenous Papuans (OAP) themselves.

It is known that there was a demonstration or demonstration taking place in Nabire Regency, Central Papua Province. The demonstration then ended in chaos and even tragic because it was marked by a number of acts of anarchism such as the burning of one of the residents’ houses.

Not only that, but what was even more tragic was that a woman who was a civilian had to become a victim of forced violence when she was passing through the location of the action. Of course, all this confusion stems from nothing other than provocation from KST Papua.

Nabire Resort Police Chief (Kapolres), Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) Wahyudi S. Bintoro revealed that the demonstration took place in several areas at up to six points, one of which was in the Jayanti Complex, Wonorejo Village, Nabire.

During the demonstration or demonstration, a number of people burned tires, then they closed road access or blocked them using electric poles, wood, stones and so on.

Knowing that there was a demonstration that seemed to be starting to become unconducive, the security forces immediately acted decisively and measuredly, namely by disbanding the demonstration because it was deemed to have disturbed security and public order (kamtibmas).

In fact, before carrying out the demonstration, a number of the masses had been reminded by the security forces regarding crowd permits and Notification Receipt Letters (STTP), but it turned out that they did not have them at all.

Apart from not having an official notification letter, they also turned out to be completely uncooperative when communicating with security forces. So in response to the attitude of a number of the masses, the security forces then wrote a reply letter and emphasized that the STTP they requested was rejected or in other words, there was no official permit for them.

In fact, the security forces had given the demonstrators the opportunity to disperse because they had carried out road closures which clearly disturbed the public. However, instead of obeying the directions of the security forces, they continued their action and even threw stones at the police.

Because of the anarchist action in the form of throwing stones, there was no longer any reason for the security forces not to implement firm and measurable action against the demonstrators.

However, it turned out that when they were disbanded, the crowd became increasingly anarchic, carrying out arson, torture and carrying out barbaric actions by forcing one of the residents to death. At that time, the victim was passing by the incident location on a motorbike and was then stopped, detained and ultimately forced to leave by the perpetrator of the action because of KST Papua’s provocation.

They also threw stones at security forces and threw stones at residents’ houses, causing a lot of damage. They did not even hesitate to carry out all these very barbaric incidents and actions during the day when the security forces tried to disband the action which had been running anarchistically since the beginning.

It is clear that with the way the demonstration or demonstration went, which turned out to be characterized by chaos or anarchism, especially because it was caused by KST Papua’s provocation, the whole thing was in sharp contrast to the aspirations of the participants in the action, who said they claimed to reject violence against society.

However, the fact that happened on the ground was that the mob actually committed acts of anarchy and violence by burning, torturing and even forcing one of the civilians to death who was completely innocent.

This is very sad because they seem to be raising the issue of Human Rights (HAM) but in fact they themselves are the ones who are counterproductive to their own actions and activities. They instead committed criminal acts with violence, vandalism and arson at the mosque marbot’s house.

There are no other appropriate words to say regarding the reality or facts that actually occur in the field, apart from strongly criticizing all forms of anarchism that occur. Moreover, when this stemmed from a provocation carried out by KST Papua which triggered a demonstration in Nabire, it ended in anarchic action.

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