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Condemning KST’s Brutal Actions in Papua  


The Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) continues to spread threats and even terror to increase the concerns and fears of the Papuan people. KST Papua members did not hesitate to fight against the officers who were serving to guard the Papua region. Therefore, the public condemns the brutality of the gang and supports firm action against KST Papua.

Violence continues to be carried out by KST Papua. Most recently, the KST gang again attacked the Security Forces, namely the Mechanized Raider Yonif Task Force 411/Pandawa who were tasked with protecting the Papuan people. Kostrad Commander Lt. Gen. Maruli Simanjuntak stated that the brutal action occurred on Saturday (25/11). As a result of this incident, 4 TNI soldiers died due to gunfire in order to save the community.

Previously, the KST gang also shot at a number of workers in Puncak Regency, Central Papua, again resulting in the deaths of two Community Health Center construction workers in Jimbul Village. Of course, this cannot be ignored because the conflict situation in Papua has been going on for years, involving various parties with different interests. KST, as an armed separatist group, is often a party involved in incidents of violence and murder.

Cartenz’s Head of Peace Operations, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani, said that the victims of the KST Papua shooting were workers who were building a community health center in Jimbul Village, West Beoga District and the security forces swiftly provided security so that KST Papua did not continue to carry out threats in the area and evacuated the victims to the church to carry out medical treatment. Apart from that, this group took action by opening fire, disrupting flights at the airport, and even setting fire to planes.

Not only that, they also fired shots at the security forces, namely members of Company 1 Battalion C of the NTT Police Mobile Brigade Unit (East Nusa Tenggara), Bharada Bonifasius, causing the personnel to die in the field with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder and one member suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. . The gunfire started when the joint team from the Intan Jaya Police and the Cartenz Peace Task Force were about to carry out a crime scene investigation (TKP) for a crime in the Titigi District at 08.20 WIT.

The Cartenz Peace Task Force team is currently pursuing KST members who were involved in armed contact. The authorities will take firm action against the groups involved in this action. The TNI has anticipated preparedness to provide a sense of security in the community, and this is thanks to information from the community.

This clearly shows that the methods carried out by KST Papua are actions that are identical to acts of terrorism. Indeed, the terror network currently operating in Indonesia is using a strategy to continue to spread fear among the public as one way to achieve their goals.

In response to the KST attack, security forces took firm action to protect public security and maintain the integrity of the state. These actions include securing the area, arresting the perpetrators of the violence, and in-depth investigation into the incident. These steps were taken in the hope of stemming the tide of violence and creating safe conditions for residents.

Deputy for Enforcement and Capacity Building at BNPT Inspector General Pol Ibnu Suhendra said handling acts of terrorism of course requires systematic, measured and coordinated efforts so that the problem can be resolved properly. Ibnu added that terrorism is a very complex problem and cannot be handled haphazardly. There is an ideology that must be fought which is the root of the problem that must be resolved.

Inclusive conversations between governments, local communities and concerned groups are also key to achieving sustainable peace. A deep understanding of the aspirations of the Papuan people can pave the way towards a just and united peaceful solution.

In the same vein, Mahfud MD as Coordinating Minister (Menko) for Law and Security (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD said that enforcement against KST needs to be carried out, because this group has destroyed harmony amidst the peace of society. Apart from that, Mahfud MD also said that the government also remains committed to developing Papua peacefully. Moreover, this has also been written in presidential instruction (Inpres) Number 9 of 2020.

The existence of KST in Papua with all its brutal actions so far has certainly caused endless fear for the Papuan people. It is mandatory to take firm action, where this is necessary to respond to threats to security, it is also important to find long-term solutions that involve dialogue and negotiation. Inclusive conversations between the government, local communities and relevant groups are key to achieving sustainable peace. A deep understanding of the aspirations of the Papuan people can pave the way towards a just and united peaceful solution.

KST’s often disturbing acts of barbarity must certainly be eradicated so that the people in Papua can live in peace and harmony. KST not only wants independence, but they also like to cause riots.

The security forces’ firm action against KST Papua is eagerly awaited by all elements of Papuan society. With this firm action, peace in Papua can be realized and development for the welfare of the people can continue.

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