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Critical Thinking to Face the Threat of Radicalism Ahead of the 2024 Election


Kupang – Realizing the complexity of the growing threat of radicalism ahead of the 2024 elections, society needs to adopt a critical thinking attitude to fight the spread of ideas that could threaten the nation’s security and stability. This statement was made by a number of community figures, including Muhammad Saleh, Chairman of the Kupang City Muhammadiyah Youth and
Indra Ramadhan, Chairman of Himapala Muhammadiyah University Kupang.

Muhammad Saleh emphasized that the use of radicalism issues in politics could damage general election competition.

“The public needs to think critically about the issues raised, considering the complexity of the social and economic background which is often the root of the problem. “A critical attitude from society is needed to prevent excessive politicization which can create an atmosphere of tension and fear,” said this young man.

In responding to the threat of radicalism, it is also important to think critically about media reporting.

Muhammad reminded that excessive handling of the issue of radicalism could be detrimental, create a tense atmosphere and hinder democratic participation in society.

“Critical thinking in consuming media information is the first step in maintaining a balance between security and freedom, and avoiding falling into unconstructive rhetoric,” he added.

In facing the threat of radicalism, critical thinking is also applied in the formation of an anti-radicalism cyber team by interfaith youth. They understand very well that through critical thinking, they can filter out misleading and dangerous information in the digital world.

“Interactive and intensive social media campaigns are an effective strategy to ward off erroneous understandings that lead to radicalism,” said Muhammad.

Indra Ramadhan also added that it is important for the younger generation to understand the characteristics of radical groups that may try to take advantage of the election momentum to gain support.

“Critical thinking is the key to recognizing patterns of radicalism that use identity politics, hoaxes, hatred and politicization of religion to achieve their goals,” explained Indra.

Indra also highlighted the role of social media which must be monitored and guarded so that it does not become a fertile ground for intolerant narratives and hate speech.

The importance of critical thinking is also reflected in the anticipatory efforts of interfaith youth in Kupang City. They not only focus on understanding the characteristics of radical groups, but also invite an anti-radicalism cyber team to filter information circulating in the digital world. By thinking critically, young people are able to ward off misguided and dangerous information that can damage society’s understanding.

Critical thinking is the main basis for facing the threat of radicalism ahead of the 2024 elections. Careful understanding of the issues raised, media coverage, and dissemination of information on social media are critical steps that can be taken by society, especially the younger generation, to maintain security and national stability.

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