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DOB Papua Makes It Easier for People to Access Public Services


The expansion of four new provinces in Bumi Cenderawasih, namely Mountain Papua, South Papua, Central Papua and Southwest Papua since 2022, is the right step in accelerating equitable national development. Since its inauguration, the central government has continued to speed up the wheels of government in the four New Autonomous Regions (DOB). This was done as a form of effort to organize the government structure with the aim of getting the wheels of regional government running immediately so that public services can be directly felt by the people.

The local community can now begin to feel the acceleration in organizing the wheels of government. Herman Yoku, member of the Papuan People’s Council (MRP), stated that he was grateful to God and grateful to President Jokowi’s government for fulfilling the request of the Papuan people to create a new autonomous region.

Herman continued, as a Papuan figure who participated in conveying his aspirations to the government, he felt proud because he had succeeded in realizing 4 new autonomous regions. Therefore, we ask all parties to unite to develop their respective regions according to the new province that has been formed. In the sense that there should be no hostility among the people, but they must unite for the progress of Papua.

After the expansion of the four new autonomous regions, the community felt that there were changes for the better in various areas of service and development. Public services in the regions are becoming easier to reach, making them very beneficial for the community. This of course has a big influence on people’s lives and provides benefits for the community so that the level of community welfare can be better.

DOB is one of the government’s seriousness in the context of equitable national development, especially in the Eastern Indonesia region, which continues to be given good attention. The expansion of new autonomous regions is an actualization of the government’s efforts to reach regions by bringing public service facilities closer to local communities so that they have easier access and facilities.

Apart from that, the expansion of the new autonomous region is also considered to be a means of strengthening the Republic of Indonesia in international eyes. According to Mahfud MD, the expansion of new autonomous regions is not only for national strategic interests and national development, but is also carried out to strengthen the Republic of Indonesia and maintain a positive image of Indonesia in international eyes. In this way, it can form a view from the international community that Indonesia is a strong country and has strong sovereignty.

Looking at it from various angles, the expansion of the four new autonomous regions has had a very positive impact both on society and on the Indonesian nation. Creating ease for the public in accessing and using public service facilities is certainly one of the positive values ​​in the new autonomous region expansion policy. As Indonesian people, of course we are proud and support and make the government’s programs a success in the context of national development. In this way, national development can be carried out evenly and can improve the welfare of society throughout Indonesia.

The Director of Regional Planning, Special Autonomy and the Regional Autonomy Advisory Council of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Valentimus Sudarjanto Sumito, expressed his gratitude because the entire process ran smoothly and well at the DPR. Then, regarding the arrangement based on geographical conditions, Papua really needs immediate treatment, especially transportation with easy access.

If the DOB is complete and running well as a whole, the welfare of the people in Bumi Cenderawasih can also be guaranteed to improve well. Everything requires a process, with patience they will reap commensurate results. Meanwhile, regarding the ratification of the Southwest Papua Special Region, it was ratified by the DPR, so that currently the total number of provinces in Indonesia has become 38 provinces.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission II of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Rico Sia also admitted that he was very grateful because finally the legal basis for the formation of Southwest Papua Province, which is one of a series of regional expansion efforts through the formation of new autonomous regions on Earth Cenderawasih has been ratified, thus becoming the legal basis for the formation of the province.

He, representing the indigenous Papuan community (OAP) from Southwest Papua, expressed his deep gratitude from the bottom of his heart. He even expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the DPR RI including the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, especially the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Of course, with this clear legal basis, in the future the regional expansion efforts which are being intensified by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will ensure that there are better public services for the people in the easternmost province of the country can run very well. again in the future.

It is known that the implementation of the Papua Special Region is the result of political compromise efforts made between the OAP community and the central government in resolving the multidimensional conflict which continues to occur, even for a long time, in Bumi Cenderawasih.

It cannot be denied that now the public services provided by the Central Government can run very well and are distributed to indigenous Papuan communities to all corners of Bumi Cenderawasih because they are helped by the existence of the new autonomous region. With the improvement in public services, the people in Papua are very grateful.

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