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Due to the many cruel actions of KST Papua, residents are still affected


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

The cruel actions of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST), many residents were affected, especially in Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountain Province who are still taking refuge in four locations. They fled because they were afraid of KST’s cruel actions.

KST Papua continues to spread terror, even to innocent civilians. Of course, this is very disturbing to the security and comfort of the local community, so it must be dealt with firmly. Previously, in the aftermath of the Susi Air pilot’s hostage case some time ago, KST Papua’s rampant behavior caused many people to die.

A shootout occurred between KST Papua members and TNI soldiers in the Kali Brasa area, Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. This incident resulted in KST Papua, which was spreading terror, being shot dead by TNI soldiers. Security forces continue to make efforts to eradicate KST Papua so that the terror being spread can stop.

Through a video upload, the shootout between TNI soldiers and KST Papua members received praise. The reason is that KST Papua, which continues to carry out terror, was finally hit by gunfire. For the shooting that killed members of KST Papua, TNI soldiers were appreciated for carrying out their duties well, namely securing irresponsible individuals who disturbed the community.

This appreciation did not only come from the public, but member of the DPR RI from the PPP faction, Syaifullah Tamliha, also expressed his appreciation for the TNI’s firm action in crushing the Papuan KST. How could it not be, KST Papua is really disturbing the community, especially Papuan civilians who are continuously terrorized, even though they don’t have any problems and don’t know anything. On the other hand, Syaifullah said that it was important to take firm action against KST so as not to hinder development in Papua.

These irresponsible and cruel elements have not stopped spreading terror which makes people afraid. One of them is the people in Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountain Province who admit that they are afraid as a result of the cruelty and terror spread by KST Papua. Yahukimo Police Chief AKBP Heru Hidayanto said that 39 heads of families (KK) residents of Dekai District fled for fear of being affected by KST Papua’s actions.

The residents of Dekai District who were displaced were spread across four locations, namely, 15 families took refuge at State Vocational High School (SMK) 1, the Pasema KM2 complex and the Silimo complex on Jalan Kali Merah, 5 families each, and the remaining 14 families took refuge in Social Housing complex Km4. Others left the refugee camps and stayed with their families. It is also reported that they are currently in good health. Previously there had been a sick child, when he arrived at Dekai Regional Hospital it turned out he had died and the exact cause was not yet known.

Previously, it was reported that 12 houses were burned down by KST Papua, six chickens were shot and pigs were burned. How cruel are the actions of KST Papua which do not think about humanity at all. Therefore, the residents chose to evacuate their homes to ensure they did not become victims of the brutal Papuan KST. They took refuge in humanitarian posts which were opened specifically for residents. The government is also preparing a new location so that local residents do not experience difficulties in the future.

Nevertheless, the firm action taken by the TNI to crush all KST Papua was correct. The reason is that if it is not immediately eradicated, it could hamper the development of Bumi Cendrawasih. The terror that continues to be spread makes people afraid, even though on the other hand the Indonesian government is trying its best to uphold the welfare of the Papuan people. If KST continues to act up, then it might actually hinder things. Therefore, before it is too late, together we must fully support firm action to eradicate KST Papua at its roots.

The eradication of KST Papua is not easy to carry out without proper preparation and strategy. Because, if you are careless and without preparation, many lives will be threatened, especially civilians. Therefore, so that they do not become the next victims, KST Papua must be completely destroyed immediately. Apart from having to crush KST Papua, soldiers and teams on joint duty from the TNI-Polri also have to protect the entire Papuan people. Many lives must be protected, so it is not easy to just use harsh measures without a mature strategy.

Before many more people are affected, the crackdown on KST Papua must be dealt with more firmly. Their extraordinary fear created deep discomfort, because previously innocent local residents had been found dead as a result of being attacked by the vile Papuan KST. Before it is too late, they should protect themselves and avoid the reckless KST Papua. Even those who are innocent must be saved.

)* Papuan students live in Bali

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