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Empowering Young Entrepreneurs, PYCH Collaborates Successfully Developing Multi-Sector Businesses in Papua


Papua – The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building is a means of empowering young entrepreneurs in Papua through various training programs and collaboration with various parties. This collaboration involves local government to a number of private companies in Papua.

The collaboration also aims to develop multi-sectoral businesses which include agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Papua.

In this regard, a Papuan youth leader, Kevin Baldwin Aburyaan, thinks this collaboration is very important in accelerating the Papuan economy, as well as opening up opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Papua to continue to develop and innovate.

“One of the results of this collaboration is the formation of farmer groups consisting of local farmers in the Papua region. This farmer group is given training on effective and efficient farming techniques, as well as the use of technology that can facilitate them in developing their agricultural business,” explained Kevin.

In addition, PYCH also provides training and capital assistance to small and medium entrepreneurs in Papua.

“The capital assistance is provided in the form of low interest loans, as well as training on financial management and product marketing,” added Kevin.

This collaboration has also succeeded in developing the fishing business in Papua, by forming groups of fishermen who are given training on environmentally friendly and effective fishing techniques. In addition, this group of fishermen was also given training on good and correct fish processing, so as to increase the added value of their catch.

The various results of this collaboration have succeeded in improving the quality of life for young entrepreneurs in Papua, as well as improving the Papuan economy as a whole. PYCH, which is driven by Papuan youths, hopes to continue collaborating with various parties to develop multi-sector businesses in Papua, and to empower young Papuan entrepreneurs to continue to develop and innovate.

Previously, in order to appreciate the emergence of young entrepreneurs, a number of Papuan youths also held exhibitions and bazaars for products produced by young entrepreneurs in Papua at the PYCH Building which was inaugurated by President Jokowi.

“This event is expected to provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Papua to expand their product marketing reach, as well as provide information to the public about superior products from Papua,” concluded Kevin.

PYCH was built to facilitate young Papuans who have interests and talents in art, culture, technology and innovation to develop their potential.

Located on Jalan Poros Abepura or about 11 km from the center of Jayapura City, PYCH provides complete facilities such as creative space, music studio, recording studio, film studio, presentation room, library, and fast and stable internet access. In addition, PYCH also offers various training and mentoring programs from experts and practitioners in their fields.

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