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Ensuring Papua’s Security, Security Apparatus Adds Hundreds of Personnel in KST-prone Areas


Security forces continue to strive to ensure that the situation and conditions in the Tanah Papua region remain conducive. For this reason, hundreds of additional personnel were immediately deployed, especially in several areas which have been hotspots for action by Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) so far.

The Head of the Papua Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Mathius D Fakhiri said that his party had added up to 600 non-commissioned officers to provide assistance to the local resort police (polres) which had always been a vulnerable point for attacks by separatist gangs. the.

So far, there are at least nine areas categorized as vulnerable points for attacks and disturbances by KST Papua. These nine areas include Puncak Regency, Puncak Jaya, Bintang Mountains, Yahukimo, Nduga, Intan Jaya and Nduga Regency.

The addition of up to hundreds of personnel is aimed at providing back up because several members of the security forces at several police stations have been withdrawn to provide security for the General Election which will soon be held in Indonesia.

The Regional Police Chief himself admitted that he had reminded the Police Chief not to involve teenage non-commissioned officers directly in the field, but only to carry out handling at the Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, several personnel from the Papua Regional Police who will carry out election security themselves will only shift and carry out this task around mid-January 2024. Inspector General Pol Mathius D. Fakhiri then hopes that the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation can run safely and peacefully without any interference, including from KST Papua.

On the other hand, the realization of a safe, conducive situation with good security and public order (kamtibmas) will certainly not be possible if this is only pursued by the security forces.

However, the realization of social security of course also relies heavily on the participation and active role carried out by the community in the area itself. Therefore, the Indonesian National Army (TNI) continues to appeal to indigenous Papuan civilians (OAP) to be able to refrain from various kinds of attempts at provocation.

Commander of the Regional Military Command (Kodam) Cenderawasih too.

For this reason, he invited the entire community to work together to maintain security in the Land of Papua so that the development that has been intensified by the Central Government can be much more optimal and can be felt by all Papuan people themselves.

It cannot be denied that in the current era of leadership of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), namely Joko Widodo (Jokowi), equitable development continues to be achieved, even including in Bumi Cenderawasih, where the main goal is to further improve the welfare of society.

The TNI then also confirmed that they would continue to provide assistance to the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) in thoroughly investigating all the perpetrators who have been carrying out various kinds of disruptive actions, ranging from attacks to destroying facilities in the easternmost province of the country.

Maj. Gen. TNI Izak Security then added that so far the movement carried out by KST Papua by raising issues related to Independent Papua will never be successful. The reason is that the issue they raised apparently does not represent the people of Bumi Cenderawasih at all, but instead only serves their personal and group interests.

Apart from that, it is very clear that the status of Papua is that it is an inseparable part of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Papua is also an integral part of Indonesia, where all local communities should be able to unite to fight threats and provocation issues from KST.

To ensure the security carried out smoothly, the TNI then also used a number of sophisticated facilities such as drones which were used to carry out security patrols against crimes committed by the separatist gang.

TNI Commander General Agus Subiyanto emphasized that the use of technology now exists and is being used by security personnel. So to carry out patrols now you no longer need to go into the interior up to 10 or 20 kilometers (km), but just use a drone and then personnel will be deployed.

In ensuring a safe and conducive situation and conditions in the Land of Papua, the security forces have added hundreds of personnel to be deployed directly, especially in nine areas which until now continue to be considered very vulnerable to interference from KST.

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