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Expert: Implementation of the Job Creation Law Impacts Indonesia on a Shortage of Labor Because Many Jobs Are Created


The government and the DPR agreed to bring the discussion results to Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perpu) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation to be ratified into law.

The Job Creation Perpu contains content material that is laden with the interests of the Indonesian state and people and optimization of public services in dealing with current conditions.

Even so, tens of thousands of workers, students and farmers combined are still holding a National People’s Protest Action surrounding the DPR RI to ask the DPR to cancel the Job Creation Perpu.

However, dr. Emrus Sihombing, Postgraduate Lecturer at Pelita Harapan University, believes that the demonstration is necessary to accommodate the various aspirations of the people. However, apart from many demonstrating against the Job Creation Perpu, there are also many members of the public who support the enactment of the Job Creation Perpu to become law.

“Is it necessary to demonstrate in support of the Job Creation Law? The answer is very necessary. Not only do demonstrations against the Job Creation Law always occur, but demonstrations in support of the Job Creation Law are also necessary as a right guaranteed by law,” he said through an official statement.

He further said, in every stipulation of existing laws in Indonesia, there will always be pros and cons. In its stipulation (the Job Creation Law) it has gone through a philosophical study and its benefits for the Indonesian people.

He said, in every stipulation of the Law including the Job Creation Law it could not satisfy several groups. It could be true, there are certain articles in a law that do not fulfill the interests of a group of people or a certain social actor.

“Therefore, it is difficult for every law made by the state to fulfill all the wishes/desires of each individual, especially since social/political actors are in a position to always agree to disagree with government programs and/or ideas and/or policies,” he said.

The stipulation of a Government Regulation in lieu of Law Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation aims to encourage household consumption, domestic investment, and to create jobs.

Dr. Emrus said, one of the impacts of implementing the Job Creation Law could be that Indonesia experienced a shortage of workers in all fields and levels of business/business, one of which was the migration of Indonesian citizens from applicants or workers to business owners/entrepreneurs.

“The job creation law is able to build new optimism in absorbing labor and significant economic growth in Indonesia going forward,” he said.

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