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Front Guard Communities Ensure the Smoothness of the 2024 Election


The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is a critical moment for our nation to determine its future direction. The community as the most important element in a democratic system has a big role in ensuring that elections run smoothly and fairly. In this context, there are several steps and attitudes that can be taken by the community to support the smooth running of this democratic process.

Political awareness is the main foundation for quality participation in elections. The public needs to continue to increase their understanding of their political rights and obligations. This involves an in-depth understanding of candidates, political parties, as well as understanding the election procedures themselves. Voter education must be intensified through various programs, seminars and educational campaigns to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

The first step to get involved in elections is to register as a voter. The public is urged to ensure that they are properly registered. The data verification process is an important step to prevent potential errors or manipulation. The active involvement of the public in ensuring the integrity of voter data will ensure that every eligible citizen can participate without obstacles.

The role of the community as observers is key to maintaining the integrity of elections. Independent election monitoring organizations can make a significant contribution to ensuring that elections are transparent and fair. In addition, every citizen has the responsibility to report any irregularities or violations they witness. The synergy between independent monitoring and active community participation will create a strong layer of protection for the democratic process.

Chairman of Bawaslu Biak Numfor, Simon Mandowen, said that his party encouraged the community of civil society organizations to participate in supervising the election stages by becoming election observers as a real form of community participation in monitoring the 2024 Election stages. Community groups or professional institutions can also participate in supervising the election stages by joining as observers in the 2024 Election. Even mass organizations or groups of organizations that are legal entities can become election monitoring institutions by registering with Bawaslu, this is in accordance with Law Number 17 of 2017 concerning Elections.

The community also has an important role in shaping public views and opinions regarding political issues. Constructive public discussions can provide space for the exchange of diverse ideas and views. Participation in discussion forums, either in person or via social media, can help form a collective understanding of the candidate’s vision and mission, as well as the political agenda they are promoting.

The public can contribute to the continuity of the election by emphasizing the importance of supporting campaigns that focus on ideas, solutions and visions, without resorting to personal attacks or negative propaganda, is an important step. Choosing leaders based on substance and integrity can improve the quality of elections and support a healthy democratic process.

President Jokowi said the 2024 election could be an event for consolidation that produces tactical ideas for the progress of the Indonesian nation. For this reason, President Jokowi encouraged all parties to work together to create political contestation that is quality, peaceful and far from hate speech. This is because the future challenges that must be faced ahead of the 2024 elections are very large.

Apart from that, the younger generation also has great potential to shape the future direction of the country. Encouraging their active participation in the election process will bring new energy and fresh ideas. Political education that focuses on young people’s understanding of their role in democracy can strengthen the foundations of their participation.

This is because based on the final voter list (DPT) that has been determined by the KPU, the number of young generation voters reached around 56 percent with details; Millennial generation voters reached 66,822,389 or 33.6 percent and generation Z voters reached 46,800,161 or 22.85 percent.

Bawaslu member, Herwyn JH Malonda, said the role of the younger generation is very important, especially since their numbers dominate the national DPT. The activeness of the young generation is not enough just to participate in voting, but also to play a role in creating elections that are legitimate and have integrity. The younger generation can play a role in correcting the quality of public services, including election organizing institutions. Herwyn believes that a legitimate 2024 election will be accepted by all parties and at the same time prevent movements of political dissent.

In maintaining the smooth running of the 2024 elections, every citizen has an important role. From political awareness to active involvement in monitoring and public discussion, civic engagement is the foundation for a strong democracy. Let’s work together to create elections that are fair, transparent and represent the will of the people, because in the end, our democracy is a reflection of our participation and concern as a society.

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