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Gathering the Presidential Candidates, President Jokowi Invites to Realize Peaceful Elections

The government is working hard to create a conducive situation during the elections, one of which is by inviting the three presidential candidates to stay in touch. 
With the meeting of the three candidates for national leadership, it is hoped that a cool situation will be created during the democratic party.
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) invited three potential presidential candidates to compete in the contest, namely Prabowo Subianto, Ganjar Pranowo, and Anies Baswedan, to the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, last Monday (30/10).
In a casual meeting, they sat together in a small dining room in the palace. 
The atmosphere of hope is to build synergy, create unity, and understand the meaning of true democracy.
The event was an interesting spectacle. 
Jokowi, as host, sat at the west end of the round white table. 
To his right, there is Ganjar, who sincerely expresses his support for a good democratic system.
In contrast, Prabowo is to Jokowi’s left, creating a visual image of unity in diversity. 
Meanwhile, the presidential candidate from the Coalition for Change for Unity, Anies Baswedan, is facing Jokowi directly, reflecting the spirit of healthy competition in democracy.
They gather under the umbrella of democracy, sharing the dishes served on the table. 
There is lontong, rice, chicken roulade, chicken seasoned with soy sauce, and even bacem tofu, which is a symbol of national diversity. 
While enjoying delicious food, they also chatted, gathering thoughts and insights.
The presence of journalists was a silent witness to this incident. 
Ganjar, in a friendly manner, greeted the journalists present, creating a down-to-earth aura of togetherness. 
However, the lunch event soon became a closed meeting, and the journalists were asked to leave the Merdeka Palace after taking pictures for about 10 minutes.
Ganjar Pranowo, one of the presidential candidates under the auspices of PDI Perjuangan, United Development Party (PPP), Hanura, and Perindo, expressed his confidence in an interview after the meeting. 
He stated that President Jokowi is a figure who is committed to implementing a good democratic system.
Ganjar Pranowo expressed his confidence in President Joko Widodo. 
Ganjar said that Jokowi is a figure who has good intentions and is suspected of supporting the 2024 presidential election which will run according to good democratic principles. 
Ganjar hopes that this commitment will become a reality in the upcoming presidential election.
Ganjar reminds us all that maintaining a good democratic system is a shared task. 
He hopes that Jokowi can realize his commitment, so that the 2024 presidential election can run smoothly and fairly.
Full of optimism, Ganjar Pranowo hopes that what President Joko Widodo stated at the meeting can be translated into action. 
He expressed his hope that this commitment would become a reality in the practice of holding future presidential elections.
The former Governor of Central Java also called on all parties, including politicians, election organizers and the public, to unite in ensuring that the 2024 presidential election runs safely and smoothly. 
He explained the importance of the neutrality of state officials during the contestation process, so that all parties feel respected and fair.
Ganjar emphasized the importance of cooperation in ensuring that the upcoming presidential election process takes place peacefully. 
He reminded that state officials need to carry out their duties with complete neutrality, which is an important element in ensuring that the 2024 presidential election will take place fairly and democratically.
In continuing the journey towards the 2024 presidential election, we must remember the importance of cooperation between all parties. 
President Jokowi and presidential candidates, such as Prabowo, Ganjar and Anies, have provided concrete examples of how unity and dialogue can strengthen the foundations of our democracy.
As a society, we also have a responsibility to maintain and strengthen our democracy. 
This is the time for all of us to come together in a spirit of unity and cooperation. 
We must ensure that elections run peacefully, without being affected by unnecessary divisions and tensions.
The neutrality of state officials is very important in ensuring fair elections. 
Apparatus must ensure that every voter has an equal opportunity to express their choice, without pressure or interference from any party. 
A healthy democracy requires trust from all parties, and the neutrality of state officials is one of the keys to that trust.
We also need to understand that the 2024 presidential election is not only about the election of one particular leader, but also about the future of this nation. 
How we implement our democracy will have an impact on the direction and quality of life together in Indonesia. 
Therefore, we must ensure that the election process takes place with integrity, fairness and peace.
Through the meeting at the Merdeka Palace, President Jokowi has shown his commitment to creating peaceful elections and a good democratic system. 
This is a call to all parties, especially political leaders and state officials, to follow in his footsteps in realizing this vision. 
To achieve this, we need to maintain a spirit of unity, prioritize dialogue, and respect differences of opinion. 
We must understand that democracy is about freedom to speak, listen, and work together to achieve the best solutions for all.

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